Practice Building stay-in-touch campaigns

Practice Building Strategies

Practice Building stay-in-touch campaigns are a mainstay of good marketing.

It is a fact that it is far easier to retain and/or sell additional services to an existing client in any business as opposed to obtaining a new client.

This is especially true in specialty practice, where the costs of procuring a case are high. One of the things that too many businesses and private practice owners fail to take into consideration is the amount of dollars that it does take to generate a high-level client.

Using the example of specialty practice, these cases are usually worth at least a few thousand dollars, and sometimes it might be necessary to spend $200 or more per head to procure an ideal client.

But one of the KEY Practice building skill that business owners neglect is identifying who their ideal client or patient is.

So this should be the first Practice Building step—a detailed description of your ideal client makes marketing so much easier. In my practice, an ideal client is a patient who is female—primarily because they are decision-makers—they are between the ages of 55 and 85 years old, and are affluent (make 150K per year, plus) so there are no barriers to obtaining proper care. This is not to say we don’t treat other clients. We do!

But I FOCUS on obtaining and spending marketing dollars on IDEAL New Patients! That’s why I have a PRIVATE practice!

So, since you have invested so much up front to obtain your ideal clients, the next thing is to keep them in your business/practice family. How do you do this?

Well, one of the simplest ways is to engage in regular campaigns. Practice Building Stay-in-touch campaigns take on the following configurations:

  • Telephone week major recall campaigns – these should be done at least twice per year on a grand scale, but on a smaller scale at least every other week in the office. In my practice it is done by the front desk during down time and directed by myself.
  • Regular newsletters, postcards, and mailings. There is not secret that direct mailing is one of the best ways to maintain customers. Yes even in this wireless age, direct mail is extremely important.
  • Twice monthly emails can go a long way to cementing the relationship between yourself and your patients. This is something that should be professionally written. If you are interested, we do have this service available for pennies on the dollar.
  • Events: Regular events help your social and human connection with existing and formerly active patients, especially if they are theme or Holiday based and can go a long way towards helping you cement long-term relationships with your patients.
  • Personal phone calls from the practice owner. Personal phone calls whenever necessary or unexpected can go a long way towards driving referrals as well as maintaining business relationships. Don’t ever neglect to pick up the phone, accept responsibility for mistakes, or simply to inquire about someone you care about and have not seen for quite some time.A small amount of time spend doing this can reap big dividends. In my practice, it is tasked to the head therapist to make sure that this actually happens, in other words the files or record cards end up on my desk.

So you can see how important Practice Building stay-in-touch campaigns and strategies are in your private practice.

If you don’t already have one set up in your practice, with all the appropriate steps why not task it today!

I wish you the best along your journeys!

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