Key Practice Building Skills are Entrepreneurial, Not Clinical

As a private practice owner interested in practice building , it’s not what you learned in school that matters most… it’s what you’re willing to learn today.

Naturally, you need top-notch clinical skills to survive in private practice. That’s because direct patient care is such an important factor in whether today’s new patients become tomorrow’s returning clients and referral sources.

But there’s so much more to practice building.

The skills you need to thrive in today’s health care environment are the skills of entrepreneurs.

Here are the two absolutely vital take-aways for things you MUST know, understand, and implement in order to be able to flourish in today’s climate.

1. Don’t relinquish office management to your office manager.

Yes, you hired that person to “handle it” for you. But this should be a collaborative relationship, not a hands-off delegation. You are responsible for every decision made and action taken by your office manager.

And more important, you need to keep in mind that your office manager’s focus is the day to day running of your office, while your focus needs to be on the big picture. Those are two very different roles.

One of the biggest mistakes you could make is to focus entirely on clinical skills, leaving your office manager with all of the administrative and financial details with no oversight—and the practice itself with no big-picture strategy for survival.

2. Making time for business strategy is not optional.

Spending a significant amount of time every week on business growth and self-training in business topics may seem like a luxury, but it’s not. In fact, your private practice won’t survive in the long term without it. If you don’t have a clear understanding of how to run a business effectively—as well as a long-term vision for where your practice is headed—then the patients walking in your door today might end up being some of your last patients ever. It’s all about sustainability.

To that end, schedule time EVERY week to work on the business end of your practice, and look for opportunities to increase that time quantity. It’s not unreasonable to spend easily a third of your time each week on practice building skills.

If all this seems overwhelming or impossible, know that you are not alone. We mentor and train private practice owners just like you to become long-term and sustainable.

I wish you the best along your journeys!

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