Practice Building Game Plan

Every private practitioner must have a simple step by step practice building game plan for success. One of the biggest tasks in a private practice done right is developing this step-by-step plan. This plan should say exactly what to do, and when. I am often asked by doctors, “Can you please tell me what to do next?” The reality is, this is formulaic. With a little effort, you too can develop a practice building game plan.

Below are step-by-step ways to create your practice building game plan:

1. The very first thing is to outline in writing exactly what you want to accomplish and produce.

Yes, that’s right, your goals and targets. The more precise you can be, the better the results. Do not overlook this vital step. In private practice, you are the CEO, CFO, Marketing Manger, and, most often, the Team Captain. If your behavior is not congruent with these roles, success will always elude you in private practice. This is a very powerful lesson that too many ignore. You can be the best clinician ever, but private practice success and fulfillment require much more. Always remember though, your rewards are so much greater when you function at this highest level. When you have a high six to seven-figure a year practice, then you can delegate some of the day-to-day management—just as long as you own the practice; never abdicate its direction and financial oversight!

2. Get in the habit of operating only off a DAILY checklist!

Again keep it easy, low stress. I still like white legal pads and multicolor pens for daily use. Typically, you can make a list no later than Sunday night for the week ahead. Next, color prioritize each of these items. Black is done, red is critical, green is underway, and blue is re-routed. Finally, cross off what’s been completed. Looking at your list with all items crossed off then allows you to move onto the next phase.

Just make sure that your checklists include the three core components of the practice. This would include:

  • Production: exactly what’s happening this week to grow production? Here, you should list out Marketing Events, patient workshops, radio show, fitness screenings, et cetera.
  • Collections: analysis of your income and expenses, especially the trends of these two areas key to financial independence. Pick the same day and time each week to review these.
  • Staffing: What’s going on with your team? Are there pending vacations, missed steps in critical procedures? A compliment to be awarded, or violations of policy?

Next, you must note the appropriate action step on your DAILY checklist for all of these key areas.

3. Develop and operate only off a 90 day Master Practice Building Game Plan.

Make sure your entire team knows it, and helps hold you accountable. One of the great simplifiers of implementation is to not project beyond 90 days unless you are very proficient at all the above steps. For most of us, this is the precise interval to observe progress, trends, and make corrections to what’s not working.

When you are ready to really take this to the next level, hire a coach.

Personalized analysis of your situation, with someone who has done it all before can pay enormous dividends. Most coaches will gladly give you a written, personalized implementation plan as well.

But recognize: failure to have these basics in place first is a recipe for disaster. Don’t let this be you!

Take these very simple steps today! Your only supply needs are a notebook, pencil, a pack of white legal pads, a multicolor pen, a poster board, and a calendar.

The more consistently and disciplined you can operate in this way, the more successful and creative—and, ultimately, financially independent—you must become in your private practice.

I wish you the best along your journeys!

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