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When Practice Building Advice Can Steer You Wrong

Practice building advice is everywhere—but is it the right advice for YOUR business?

Too many private practitioners are voraciously seeking practice building advice… from the wrong sources. Are you one of them?

Your private practice depends on you—the CEO of your business—to make the big decisions. When it comes to marketing, hiring, or expanding your business, the judgment calls that you make will either allow you to sustain your business over the long term… or they’ll lead you further from your vision of the ideal practice for you.

The key is to evaluate where the advice you follow is actually coming from.

Is it from colleagues whose practices AREN’T thriving? Is it outdated practice building advice from professors who are out of touch with today’s business world? Is it from some online marketing guru who promises you’ll be a millionaire practically overnight?

You need to make sure that the experts whose advice you’re taking really have your best interests at heart—and really understand the specific ins and outs of a thriving medical or healthcare practice.

After all, when it comes to practice building, following bad advice is worse than taking no effective actions at all. That advice could lead you down avenues that turn out to be dead ends for your practice, and that means lost time and money.

Why spend thousands of dollars chasing one cookie-cutter guru after another?

Instead, you have to be willing to invest in tailor-made guidance from a reputable and experienced source.

I wish you the best along your journeys!

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