Dollars and Scope of Practice

Million Dollar Practice Basics

It is pointless to spend time, money, and energy looking for new patients but then being unable to process them. Doctors failing to plan in this way first may ultimately and erroneously conclude that their marketing efforts have failed when the desired result is not achieved. This is where our practice basics come in handy!

Once practice development is at the point that it effectively processes new patients, create a clear list of the steps that are likely to attract the type of patient you desire for your practice.

For example, let’s say you want to build a significant sports injury portion of your practice. The steps needed to obtain this would include things such as speaking before the local PTO, perhaps putting on a injury prevention seminar for local coaches, and quite possibly paid advertising in the school newsletter and yearbook. Initially, you may simply need to show up and introduce yourself at local athletic events with business cards so people actually know who you are, where you are, and what you do.

Once you have identified the area of the practice you wish to develop, and the list of steps to take to draw people to you, it is time to incorporate these within your written calendar.

I suggest taking a paper desk size calendar initially, and scheduling in the exact days and times that each step will be executed. Remember, this will require you to set aside time developing and actually writing this calendar. For most practitioners, I suggest a minimum one-hour per week where nothing else but calendar development and marketing implementation actually takes place. This time is non-cancelable and needs to be viewed as essential to practice development.

You also need to make sure that no interruptions by staff or phone calls take place during this time. Make sure that all the steps you have previously written or noted are placed on the calendar and they actually are done more or less simultaneously and not in sequential manner. The reason for doing this is quite simply the principle of massive action, which is often neglected in these plans.

I wish you the best along your journeys!

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