A More Powerful Private Practice Design

There are some key strategies that both private practice veterans and new grads alike can all benefit from.

Being a consultant is a whole lot like being a detective, I imagine. I spend a whole lot of time looking at situations gone wrong too. Both business and, of course, personal issues are common to us all, and are often amplified by the rigors of the modern private healthcare practice.

There is, of course, absolutely no shame in this because, the reality is, the more we fail, the more successful we ultimately become. So some failure indeed is a great teacher—if we pay attention.

On another scale though, massive failures are very costly and very often preventable. But how?

Any great CEO will tell you that looking at trends, numbers, and sensing unease are probably three things more responsible for their massive successes than any other traits.

One of the key skills many private practice owners never acquire is full CEO functionality. Now this is not likely your fault! Our professional schools have not, with rare exception, provided the business and management training that today’s private practice absolutely requires.

So, too often we wait to make critical decisions and then a crisis erupts, seemingly out of the blue!

But you know better. You understand that it does NOT have to be this way! There are some key strategies that both veterans and new grads alike can all benefit from.

And that is spending time with the optimal layout and design.

What so many often neglect though is business and private practice design, to be successful, MUST be based around the lifestyle you really want for yourself!

One of the worst things we can ever do in life is try and live someone else’s.

Because of the natural stress levels of caring for sick and suffering human beings, unless you build or design in and adequate fun and financial compensation system, you’ll likely never have the practice of your dreams.

And you know what? It really can be this simple to build a compelling future—or turn things around if you are just not headed where you know you could be in YOUR private practice!

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