Partnering With Patients

Begin “Partnering” With Your Patients Today

As students and even daily in our practices as clinicians we spend lots of time, energy and resources designing treatment plans for our patients. Now of course so much of this is just essential to good practices and indeed excellent patient treatment planning should be our primary line of thought, just after completing our initial consults and exams.

But far too often this process can become cumbersome.

And now more and more we train our students to always go “by the book”. Do what the book says or politicians more and more seek to mandate. For too many there is never true partnering with their patients!

We understand firsthand that just the documentation time and record keeping alone can extract a huge toll on us as private practice owners.

You know, what’s the “standard of care” for Mrs. Smith and her ailments? What if any, paid benefits do you receive for providing your care and what’s not covered by third party pay? What requirements must you fulfill to document all of this for patients?

What I find is too often what can and indeed does happen is empiricism and common sense take a backseat to administrative requirements and the associated BS.

I’ve been at this long enough to remember the primary reason we did what we did in private practice especially was to simply partner with our patients, find out what their goals are then simply act accordingly.

Now there is always someone to second-guess your treatment plans.

But there is a better way! And that is to start partnering with your patients, today!

What does partnering look like? Well initially by matching patient goals for care as close as is reasonably possible.

More than this though partnering with patients means putting the responsibility for healthy behaviors squarely on them. Partnering also means clearly outlining, then agreeing on mutual obligations.

No doubt this is a huge part of what you do already but try taking all of this to the next level.

Really starting today, spend more time realistically engaging with your patients on not only some acute care when needed but also chronic care direction and stability.

Ever been frustrated by clinical results? Try partnering with your patients and watch what happens to them, your private practice, and results!

I wish you the best along your journeys!

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Have a great day!


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