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The Perfect Practice is…

So what’s the perfect practice? That’s the question I have been asked many times in the last 2 weeks, as our upcoming No Bull conference is growing. Here’s my perfect practice.  1.     The emotional and financial rewards are greater then the stress levels, all the way around.2.     It’s easy to maintain excellent clinical records (which really […]


A Private Practice Caveat …

What Doctors forget the most? The primary item forgotten by most businesses, but especially in most Drs Offices is frequent contact with their existing patient base. Most offices quite frankly fail miserably in collecting and organizing data such as email, mailing addresses, etc, so it becomes a major job to maintain any type of regularity of […]


Staffing With The Power of Written Intent

 Nothing, and I really mean nothing, will move you forward faster in office management than clear, brief written communications which are discussed, and then adapted as policy. Ultimately, these should reside in your office manual. At any stage of practice, you should make sure all policies are clear, updated as needed and disseminated to all […]


Just what makes YOUR practice unique?

Just what makes your practice unique?  Probably, quite a bit, because the beauty of private practice is that you tailor it to your likes, dislikes, hours, procedures, etc. Extraordinary practices communicate this to their patients and their community by effective “positioning”. But most offices never effectively communicate this, and thus they leave a tremendous marketing […]


How you start your office day

  If you haven’t already tried this tip, I suggest you adopt it for 2 weeks, and tell me if it does not make a huge difference. 10 minutes before starting a patient shift, gather all your team in a private area. Have a copy of your Schedule, New Patient Log, and Missed appointment log. […]


Staying Focused…

 This is certainly the biggest issue for many of us in private practice. It is however critical to measurable results. No, somedays it’s not easy at all. But it is a trained, learned skill. And you can not stop, as long as you want to move forward. It does take some discipline.  The good news […]


Welcome to all Clients and Guests of Perfect Practice Web…

Welcome all Clients and Guests The Value of excellent training… Becomes self evident, the longer you practice. Best staff training practices allow your practice to move forward without skipping a beat when somebody leaves for vacation, or permanently. At LEAST weekly, you need to meet as a team although we advocate a brief AM huddle […]