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Your Physical Therapy Business is Not a Desk Job

You’re the CEO of your physical therapy business, the leader and visionary for your team. But the last place you should be is behind a desk. As the practice owner and chief decision-maker for your physical therapy business, you are effectively the CEO of your company. But if your mental picture of a CEO features […]


Chiropractic Business Building Depends on Marketing (Not Jargon)

In chiropractic business building, effective marketing requires you to speak your patient’s language—the language of pain. You’ve been to seminars and read articles on the essential components of chiropractic business building. They all emphasize that effective marketing is the way to get new patients in the door. But here’s something those articles and seminars may […]


The Missing Link in Private Practice Success: Check Your Mindset

You May Think That External Factors Will Make or Break Your Private Practice Success. In Reality, Your Mindset Drives Your Practice. Every day you navigate the ins and outs of your private practice and wear a number of different hats. As a private practice owner, you make the key decisions that drive the future of […]


Private Practice Building Mistakes: 3 Self-Sabotaging Behaviors That Will Kill Your Private Practice

Most People Are Making These 3 Private Practice Building Mistakes. Are You? We’ve all heard about “self-sabotaging” behaviors—in our personal lives, in the context of career advice, and maybe in terms relationships. But did you know that there are self-sabotaging behaviors in the world of private practice building? These attitudes and actions can be devastating […]


The Importance of Self-Care in Private Practice Ownership

Are You Practicing Good Self-Care? Why This Matters So Much for Private Practice Ownership You probably tell your patients that they need to take good care of their bodies in order to function well and cope with the stress of illness or chronic pain. But are you practicing what you preach? Many private practice owners […]


What Do You Promise to Patients?

Did You Ever Make a Promise to a Patient?   This is an area that far too many clinicians regardless of the specialty get into trouble with. It is so important to understand that the only real promise to patients you or I can and should make to patients is that we will do our […]


The Power of Personal Follow-Ups to Build Your Private Practice: How to Use Personalized Marketing in a Digital World

You’ll have an edge on your competition when you follow up consistently and personally with your patients. It’s a sad fact that most private practice owners don’t bother to follow up with their patients—and those who do, often are following up in an impersonal way. That’s bad news for those business owners, but it means […]


Diabetic Neuropathy Patients

If your patients have Diabetic Neuropathy don’t let symptoms go unchecked. Remember, the sooner diabetic neuropathy is diagnosed, the easier it will be to treat and to slow the progression of this degenerative condition.


Customer Service Goes Beyond Serving Patients

You may think your private practice is pretty good at customer service for patients. But you can take it to a whole new level when your staff learns to serve each other. Do you know a lot about customer service? It’s definitely the bottom line when it comes to marketing a private practice. But what […]


Change Your Marketing Mindset to Bring In More Referrals

How to Transform Your Private Practice Marketing to Reach Your Ideal Customer Do you love marketing? Most private practice owners think of marketing as a necessary evil—a dreaded chore that must be done in order to get new patients in the door. But you can distinguish yourself with private practice marketing that genuinely attracts new […]