Private Practice Building and New Patient Calls

Practice Building Basics: Organization

Organization is one of the Biggest Practice Building Basic Steps!

Both organization and cleanliness boosts referrals and thus your revenue streams too!

This is one of the most simple, yet externally productive, points any private practice owner can make.

And today is just as good as any other day to do so.

You see, there is one very simple truth: disorganization and clutter fosters chaos, and organization fosters productivity.

Organization is one of the biggest practice building basic steps. It also fosters cleanliness, as well as helping you make an extraordinary impression upon patients and other professionals alike.

Clinically, nowhere is organization and cleanliness more important than the specialty practice. The reason for this is that, in specialty practice, we’re often times treating patients who are or have been seriously ill, suffering from infections, diabetes, and the like.

For something so simple, why does this practice building basic concept escape so many private practice owners?

After having visited many private practices throughout my consulting career, I can tell you that the single biggest destroyer to organization is paper. After all, there are files, journals, faxes, and printed reports, etc…

The good news is, with some very simple practice building basic steps, you can make extraordinary progress.

Simply by organizing files–but most especially not saving and eliminating any paper–you can make a huge difference.

You’ll find it makes a great difference to have specific filing places for things such as EOP’s, submission reports, day sheets, and other business records which only need to be kept for relatively short periods of time. Better yet, get as many payers on paperless as you possibly can.

In this day and age, a high capacity scanner and excellent software is one of the keys to organization.

This investment alone is worth many thousands of dollars to the private practice owner.

How are YOU going to get ORGANIZED?

I wish you the best along your journeys!

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Have a great day!


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