Not Enough New Patients? Lets Fix It!

Not Enough New Patients?

If you have been in practice even a few short years your next “New” Patient may very well be someone you have treated before.

This simple truth is missed by so many. People are much more likely to see you again, if you did a good job initially. Indeed, it then becomes possible to have a closed practice.

Too often, traditional marketing ignores this fact, with too much focus on new clientele, while doing nothing to embrace the ones that already know, like and will very well support you for years to come.

What the simplest solution?

Three things.

1. First, tell returning patients how much you appreciate them. I always say “thanks for coming back to see us again!”

2. Next, send them a Welcome Back letter.

Mine is only 3 paragraphs, and I print them automatically on every returning patient.

3. Lastly, there is no substitute for frequent contact. Do that monthly newsletter! Make it simple.

After 30 + years, and testing everything from fancy four color to ultra-modern, I will tell you home grown, written at least in part by you is best.

Occasional more factual and clinical pieces really compliment and boost the effectiveness of this strategy.
Most patients want to hear more about you, regularly!

Here are some “More New Patients” tips to use every day:

Maintain a good email list and use it at least twice monthly.

Your patients are checking in with their web-gurus, even their health ones daily, sometimes more than once.

How often do they hear good advice from you?

Again, it does not need to be a slick piece, just get it done.

Do phone recalls often! Go through your list, and ask your staff to call in and check in with folks who you may have not seen in a while.

Ask them to schedule a follow up visit with you. Even if they are OK at the time of your call, they remember this.

Do more elaborate recalls at least twice a year. Multi step, multi-media, simultaneously.

Do appreciation events, at least a few times a year.

And so on.

You get my drift.

So doctor, what usually fails here?

No organized, autopilot systems to make all of this happen each and every day.

No way to follow who comes from where, and what’s working well, and what’s not.

No delegation or daily follow through.

In short, no decent systems for each of the six key areas of practice. (Our 12 Modules)

If you’ve missed these six key areas, here they are again: (1. Define EXACTLY what you want. 2. Use technology that doesn’t stress you out. 3. Staff only with the correct skills sets and duties descriptions. 4. Implement Autopilot, low cost marketing. 5. Use ONLY Financial systems that get you paid like a Doctor. And finally 6. Regular (every six months minimum) reinspection and tweaking of each of the preceding five areas.

This is EXACTLY what our Perfect Practice Platform does.

In our experience, many practices could turn this free advice alone into 100k in twelve months. With good coaching, at least double that.

Most wont.

How about you?

These are just a few of the basic things that build a solid practice, and may very well put your entire family into a new home.

*Would you like to strategize together by phone on a solid game plan to develop your phenomenal private practice?

You can.

It’s FREE by appointment which you can make HERE

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