Module 4 “Gaining Confidence”

Learn how to build an enormous neuropathy practice by improving your basic skills, mastering your advanced skills and most importantly build capacity before moving to module 5.


Audio and mp3s:

Time Management: Getting All This Done

Avoiding Pitfalls.mp3

The Ultimate ND Clinic.mp3

Mastering the Neurodoc System.mp3

Metabolic Syndrome Patient Care

Neuropathy in Cancer Care

Essential Webinar Training


Shouldn't Great Patient Care be THE MOST IMPORTANT Thing ???

1 Neuropathy Care and Advanced Metabolic Rehab

2 How To Managing Diabetic Neuropathy Patients

3 Chemotherapy and Cancer Patients Webinar

4 Managing Chronic Spine Pain Patients with The ND Protocol

5 Helping The Vascular Disease Patient

6 Looking Into The Future

7 Putting the ReBuilder and Accessories In the hands of Patients

8 Use of Conductive Garments



Advanced Staffing Strategy.pdf

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