Make Your Private Practice Website Mobile Friendly (Or Else)

Is Google’s new mobile friendly revolution going to demolish your private practice website traffic?

Google recently announced that as of April 21, 2015, websites that aren’t mobile friendly will be penalized in search engine rankings.

What does this mean for your private practice website? In short, you need to make your site mobile friendly or risk losing a significant amount of search engine traffic.

Just consider how many people you know use their smartphones or other mobile devices to access information on the Internet. Until now, it’s been the case that you had to worry about losing site visitors quickly if your website was not easy to view on a smart phone. But after April 21, those visitors may never make it to your site at all, thanks to new algorithms that detect mobile friendly qualities in the site itself.

Here are some of the key elements of a mobile friendly private practice website:

  • Simplicity. Lack of visual clutter is vital when it comes to mobile friendly design. If your current site features columns of information, be aware that those columns will probably disappear on a mobile device, leading to lots and lots of scrolling for the visitor and no sense of site navigation.
  • Easy to read and touch. You’ll want large standard fonts, as well as buttons that are big and easy to select with a finger. And for vital information like your phone number or address, make sure it’s linked. Don’t make potential patients copy and paste an address or phone number in order to find you—they won’t bother.
  • Crystal clear menu options. A mobile visitor will not be able to grasp the message of your private practice website “at a glance” by scanning the entire home page. That means you’ll need to make navigation super-easy by giving menu options an easily understandable name: Contact, About Us, Services.

Hint: Try out your site on your own mobile device. What parts are difficult or frustrating? Fix those first.

Your private practice website is just one essential part of an effective marketing strategy. For help with these sticky issues, check out 12 Secrets of Private Practice Mastery.


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