Why Mentoring is so Powerful

Wow! What incredible conversations I have had with practitioners AND patients this week!

There are practitioners who have extensively and closely followed EXACT formulas I have given them for incredible practice growth, and the natural prosperity and freedom that come with such success.

There are patients who 5 weeks ago were miserable, sleepless, helplessly immobile, desperate for relief… who upon following EXACT formulas are now getting their health back.

These are people who understand completely the value of mentoring.

Jim Rohn said many years ago on one of my first audio lessons on personal development “Success Leaves Clues…” My best professors (that also had real jobs) said exactly the same thing.

And that one thing has stuck with me forever. Now, I teach this to clients, and patients who are suffering miserably:

If you want to get healthy, there are precise formulas.

If you want to build a powerful private practice… well you know.

My point this week is this: Follow tested formulas FIRST. Reach your targets, whether it’s financial or personal freedom, the power to make choices, the power to regain your health…

Then, but only then, should you improvise!

It’s a faster and much more sane way to live, by design, not by default.

I wish you the best along your journeys!

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Have a great day!


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