The Power of the Mastermind

Of all the advice given to me by my mentors, the one that continues to serve me the best is the Power of the Mastermind. If you have not read all about this in “Think and Grow Rich”, by Napoleon Hill, do it tonight!

For serious students of life successes, there is no substitute. So, the advice here simply, is to join some form of mastermind group.

The best types of mastermind groups are those that will challenge you.

Personally, I select people who are smarter, more focused and wealthier, not just in finances, but all aspects of life. The information I learn is invaluable. Actually, it’s been worth millions!

You want to be part of a group that will push you a little bit. Sometimes a lot!

Share your goals with the rest of the group members. And make sure the group is not so huge that you don’t get adequate time to address your private concerns. You also need to make sure the people you are sharing with are bound to privacy and have certain rules as to how new members are admitted. Be careful.

Drawing on my experience over the years, my periods of continued professional growth and all the things we’ve learned in business of Perfect Practice Web have come from mastermind groups I’ve belonged to.

I mastermind with people around the world who are engaging in these types of businesses on a regular basis.

For many years now, we’ve participated in mastermind groups, and every one of my members will tell you how valuable they were in terms of moving them forward personally and professionally.

BUT, you need to carefully select any group you say yes to.

In our next discussion, I’ll focus on the importance of your commitment level to the success of your mastermind group, and offer some helpful suggestions on how to moderate your mastermind group to get the most out of it.

I wish you the best along your journeys!

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