The Key to Mastering Private Practice

Those who continue to be very successful in private practice have an ever-evolving vision about the way they want their life to be and then carefully design the way they want their practices to support their personal goals and dreams.

Never before, have their been more simultaneous changes facing those among us who continue to choose the private ownership of a viable business, the entrepreneurial pathway.

Make no mistake about it; private practice today is not for the indecisive or faint of heart. There are easier ways to make a living.

So the question becomes then, why would somebody choose this more challenging pathway over different and in many respects far easier routes?

In my opinion, and in my experience as a private owner and consultant for many years, those who continue to be successful recognize fully the immense rewards that only ownership and being 100 percent in charge can bring.

Indeed, it is that same spirit that drives anybody that strives to stay on top in any worthwhile chosen endeavor.

There’s something about going to the office each day, knowing that you are the creator, the implementer, and the manager of your entire life that really separates the private practice owner of today.

There is also the immense reward of knowing that you are part of a very small segment of humanity. In fact, you are at the absolute pinnacle of successful people!

But what really drives you and I down this pathway is the realization that no challenge is too great, and no single obstacle too big.

And given the complexities of the world we live in necessitates more effective systems than ever before and the leverage only powerful design can produce. Not to mention supplying our teams with impeccable tools.

So why then, does it sometimes seem to the outsider that a powerful practice is elusive and not attainable?

Almost universally, it is because the first secret of private practice mastery, the habit of continually visualizing “The end in mind” it is neglected!

Most often, in my consulting time with doctors, failure in private practice results because doctors too often wait for far too long before making crucial changes in design.

Why is this so? I’ve often observed that It’s simply because as good as doctors are at giving advice they are often very reluctant to engage their coaches and mentors, especially those who have achieved similar goals or greater successes.

Another really big point. Jim Rohn said, one of the reasons many people do not do well is they do not have enough reasons to do well!

So if it’s been quite some time since you’ve really looked at the reasons that get you out of bed every day, what are you waiting for? Maintaining vigilance with your thoughts and keeping your reasons in the forefront make even the toughest days seem far easier.

Once your “end in mind” is clearly delineated, powerful systems, and the leverage a team that shares your vision is absolutely paramount to your success.

Of course design alone is not enough! It is however the most important, and the most powerful weapon in the owner doctors arsenal.

I tell doctor’s time and time again, those who continually do well are those that continue to engage in frequent redesign!

This does not necessarily mean completely overhauling the entire practice. On the contrary, what it really means that you will refine systems, carefully consider the addition of better of technology, and better staffing that really sets your practices apart in terms of economic and personal satisfaction.

And you must continually provide your team with only the finest marketing and communications to get the job done.

Simplification, organization, but most especially surety in their personal actions throughout the day while in contact with your patients and your community.

This is today’s reality, but it’s also the reason we teach doctors extensively how to autopilot this entire system and how to go about getting all this “stuff” done.

I wish you the best along your journeys!

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Have a great day!

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