Private Practice Owners, Tell Your Patients What to Do

Marketing For Your Specialty Practice: How to Address What Patients Truly Want

Are You Trying To Market Your Specialty Practice By Focusing On All The Wrong Elements?

Too often, specialty practice owners spend valuable time and money on marketing that doesn’t work—usually because the language and focus of their marketing just isn’t what potential patients want.

It’s so easy to get caught up in wanting to draw attention to your specialized training, or the fancy new equipment you’ve invested in, or the wide array of services you can provide. But frankly, patients are shopping for a specific experience.

They don’t want to purchase dental work.
They want to feel more confident because of a dazzling smile.

They don’t want to pay for 30 minutes of treatment with a specially trained chiropractor.
They want relief from chronic lower back pain.

They don’t want to read the resume of a physical therapist.
They want to be able to stand fully upright without discomfort.

They don’t want to invest in an invasive surgery to ameliorate neuropathic pain.
They want to be able to weed the garden, knit, and do the Sunday crossword without burning and tingling in their dominant hand.

To effectively market your specialty practice, you will have to identify the true motivators for your patients.

Here are some of the strongest motivators that drive patients to pursue treatment at a specialty practice:

  • Relief from pain
    Improvement in their physical appearance
    Increased sense of confidence
    Ability to remain productive in activities that are meaningful to them
    Feeling in control of their health and at peace with medical decisions they make

When the marketing message for your specialty practice addresses one or more of these core motivators, you will see a higher return on investment for your advertising dollar.

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