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Are All Your Marketing Efforts Going to Waste in Your Physical Therapy Business?

For Your Physical Therapy Business to Thrive, You Need to Be Able to Distinguish Between Features and Benefits.

There are many factors at play in creating and growing a thriving physical therapy business. But without a deep understanding of one key marketing concept, I can almost guarantee that your practice will not be sustainable.

Here is the most important factor in successfully marketing your physical therapy business: features versus benefits.

In short, features are facts (the “what”), and benefits are the reasons why those facts solve your client’s problem (the “why”).

On the surface, the difference looks pretty simple to understand. The thing is, it can be hard for many physical therapy business owners to put that understanding into practice when it comes to developing a consistent marketing message. Sometimes, what we view as key information just ends up making a potential client feel “talked at” instead of understood.

As a physical therapy business owner, you have to present your services as the ideal solution to your client’s pain. Many private practice owners make the mistake of describing abstract concepts, such as the details of their training and credentials or the jargon associated with certain manual manipulations. This approach misses the point, though.

A potential client who is searching the Web or asking friends for a referral is likely not looking for the use of any particular training or technique. What is he or she searching for? An end to pain and discomfort. So that’s where your marketing message needs to focus.

Does your marketing message convey the relief that clients will feel after working with you? If that’s not the focus of your marketing efforts for your physical therapy practice, you can bet that some other physical therapist in your area is using that tactic to successfully draw in new clients.

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