The Difference Between Marketing and Sales

I’ve been a passionate marketer for many years. I’ve focused my attention on a group of professionals that I think needs a lot of guidance in differentiating themselves for successful practice, and that is private practice owners. I’ve worked with many to get their systems up and running with marketing.

These systems are what enable you to grow your practice. That’s what helps take you from one level to the next.

Marketing is the number-one activity that you MUST work continuously. Regardless of what your practice is, or where it is now, there’s no higher leveraged activity that you can possibly engage in.

My most important message to you is to remember a concept that might be novel to you. You’re #1 job is to become a master marketer of private practice services. That’s a seminal point to make that everybody in practice has to get their mind around.

Understand that your business really isn’t different from any other business in a lot of ways. It’s a private practice, because you’re helping patients, but it’s still a business.

Some get confused when it comes to the difference between marketing and sales. Both marketing and sales are vitally important, but there’s a distinctive difference between the two.

I think that doctors in particular struggle with this concept because they want to help people. Of course, you are helping people, but it’s also your livelihood. 

It doesn’t matter if you’re talking about private practice or any other type of small business. The concepts and goals are the same. If you’re having trouble making sales in terms of getting more patients or more of the type of patient you want, you need to see whether you have a sales problem or a marketing problem. Doing an analysis of that is pretty easy.

Which is more important, Sales, meaning actual patients treated or Marketing, which is acquiring and retaining patients?

That’s the $64,000 question. While both are important, in my opinion, marketing is the more important of the two. If you have the right marketing, it will make the process of client attraction and retention infinitely easier. If your marketing is doing the job correctly, it will deliver qualified prospects who are predisposed to doing business with you.

The next strategy to grow your practice is to define your market and your ideal patient.

Defining your market and your ideal patient is a really important exercise to go through. If you ask most doctors who their market is, they’ll say it’s anyone who has a problem they can help. In any private practice, to have the most satisfying patient care experiences, you have to decide what type of patient or cases you most enjoy, and above all are really best at helping! Then you must learn all you can about their needs, but most especially what they are looking for when it comes to their care. What is their “language”? What groups do they associate with? What other treatments have they tried?

But why not market to everybody?

Just about everybody could benefit from good health care, but if you go after the whole market, you will deplete your marketing resources. There is only so much time and money you can devote to marketing. Treating less than ideal patients in your private practice is exhausting and unrewarding. The drain on your staff is huge as well.

And by pursuing too many different types of cases, you’re not going to do more than a mediocre job of marketing to your ideal patient.

And this my friends is why so many never truly fall in love with private practice!

You do have a choice.

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Have a great day!


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