Private Practice Marketing Mistakes

Avoid This Major Marketing Pitfall in Private Practice

Too many private practice owners make this significant marketing mistake—and it will cost you.

To succeed in today’s healthcare world, private practice owners will have to move past old ways of thinking about marketing.

Too many of us are stuck in old ideas about how to reach patients. We assume that we have to use direct mail, or the phone book, or a giant billboard on Main Street.

Then again, there’s a huge danger in the opposite way of thinking—jumping onto every new digital media channel that’s available just because it’s new and exciting. Or worse, because someone (a “social media expert,” a colleague, or our Great-Aunt Mildred) told us that we really ought to be using Facebook ads.

There is a middle way, which is the path to long-term success for your private practice: a marketing strategy.

Build your strategy around the specific information you have about patients who come to you (and patients you want to attract). Then stick to the strategy.

Experimenting with new media is fine, IF it makes sense within the context of your marketing strategy for practice building.

And you may find that some types of traditional media are ideal for your audience. But you need to know which ones, and not just guess!

Choosing advertising channels that are inappropriate for your target market is simply a waste of resources.

Too many private practice owners just dabble in a variety of media outlets without giving any one channel the focus and time it needs to succeed. However, another key aspect of successfully marketing your private practice is choosing how long to stick with one piece of a marketing strategy. It doesn’t make sense to keep doing the same thing again and again if it’s not netting the results you want for your practice building efforts. 

I wish you the best along your journeys!

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