Do You Have a Private Practice Marketing Plan?

Private Practice Marketing Plan

The best results come from having the best private practice marketing plan.

If you are a regular reader of my articles you probably know that I advocate an active, multi-pronged approach to marketing your private practice.

But too many private practitioners don’t realize the wealth of marketing opportunities they have available every single day, and yes even during most patient encounters!

First, there is no substitute for the basics of any successful business or private practice. This includes everything from your choice of location to your hours, and yes even your business cards.

There are often other overlooked success strategies. Things like how your private practice answers its telephone, social media, and on-line inquiries. These crucial areas are too often left to chance, resulting in unneeded stress and lost revenues.

And then it’s key to realize that each of these new patient leads may have different concerns, and thus different follow up strategies.

Like everything though, the best results come from having the best private practice marketing plan.

Here’s what I’d suggest you do to insure you are maximizing your private practice marketing potential.

First, you as the owner need to have a trusted business partner or spouse go through and “5 Sense” your physical space. Does it have the look and feel of a modern private practice?

Are your phones answered in a compassionate, serving voice and attitude?

Does the staff look as crisp as they should? Are they focused or distracted while at their posts?

Do the colors, furniture, images convey warm and inviting? Or is it too stark and clinical.

Then, you’ll need to do the same with every piece of private practice marketing you use as well!

I think you see where I am going here. Yes, all of these things are part of marketing, like it or not!

To have a real shot at private practice success in this very competitive world, you must look at your entire private practice marketing plan!

Just be sure to write out your results, and develop a clear, effective private practice marketing plan moving forward!

I wish you the best along your journeys!

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Have a great day!


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