Loyal Patients in Private Practice

How to Create Loyal Patients Who Refer Others to Your Private Practice

Your private practice needs to integrate these four elements to build loyalty among new and existing patients.

Loyal patients do two great things for your private practice.

First, they keep coming back. That means you don’t have to work as hard to fill empty appointment slots, because you can count on these patients to show up again and again.

Second, they tell other people in their lives to come to you as well. This is an even greater boost for any private practice. Imagine having patients do your marketing for you!

How to garner this kind of loyalty from patients may seem one of the great private practice mysteries—hit or miss. But you can employ a strategy to increase your patients’ sense of loyalty to your practice… leading to increased return visits and referrals.

Here are the four key elements of loyalty that you can cultivate in your private practice patients.

1. They believe that you regularly go above and beyond in your work—both clinical and customer service.

2. They have experienced a minor problem that your practice staff handled well. Or, they came to you initially with complaints of a problem with a different private practice, and your practice demonstrated better handling of that problem.

3. They trust you because you have built up the expectation of consistency.

4. They can’t imagine switching practices because you meet their needs so well.

In short, loyal patients have invested psychologically in your practice. You can, in turn, invest in them for greater returns on your overall marketing strategy. When you foster these strong relationships, you can spend less time actively marketing for new referrals and more time building your practice organically through existing relationships.

Would you like to increase patient loyalty in your private practice? This is just one of the aspects of private practice success that we cover in 12 Secrets of Private Practice Mastery.


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