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Why the Most Important Skill in Private Practice Ownership is Listening

Are you a good listener? Learning to listen effectively may be the best thing you can do for sustainable private practice ownership.

Most of us think of listening in a very general way. In our minds, being a “good listener” is something that applies to helping a friend in need. Or perhaps we think that good listening is about being obedient in school, and we’re too old for that now. It also applies to private practice ownership!

In truth, good listening skills are vital to the success of your business, the satisfaction of your staff, and even your own ongoing sense of purpose.

First of all, listening to your patients is the key to effective marketing. If your marketing strategy is based on anything other than what your patients want and need, it will fail. This applies to keeping current patients (and getting those highly desired referrals!) as well as convincing prospective new patients to give your practice a try.

Second, your staff needs you to listen well to their concerns as well as to their positive feedback. Staff satisfaction provides a lot of useful data about which of your business systems are working well and which ones need improvement. And, of course, staff morale is important to the overall health of your practice because it will make or break customer service—which keeps patients coming in the door.

Third, and possibly most important of all, you have to be able to listen to your own intuition about whether your practice is thriving or suffering. Remember that in private practice ownership, what matters most is your vision for the practice and your passion for making it succeed. Without those driving factors, your business will be running on fumes, and that won’t allow it to go the distance and be sustainable.

Consider what you can do today, this month, and this year to be a better listener for your practice. Ask your patients, your staff, and yourself for feedback. Don’t forget to check in with your colleagues, too, by joining the ongoing conversation on our Facebook page.


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