Keep your eyes on the target…

ROII shared this story with a new client last week.
We were reflecting back on all the things PPW helped institute in his office last year.

Some of it a radical departure from what other consultants in the
profession still do.

He asked me why we “weren’t taught this stuff 10 yrs ago”?

The reason is, nobody has ever done Private Practice my way…

Last year was my best year in the last 3! It turned out
better than originally projected, up over the previous,
largely because of consistency in policies and procedures.

Now keep in mind, this is a testbed for what we teach.

Clear policies, simple procedures, checklists, and modern fees.
NO dog and pony shows, NO freebies, no arm twisting,
no patient “classes”, no overselling, just excellence in care.

We only saw patients M-Th, took 4 plus weeks vacation.

I am only telling you this, to reinforce that you too, can live the
life you dream of, by reaping the fruits of a successful modern
private health care practice.

All this in the face of declined insurance,
increased regulation, etc. while other practices close their doors.

So, hang in there, study very carefully what we advocate,
and take advantage of everything your 12 Secrets membership gives you!

Call us if you’d like more information at 781-659-7989

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