3 Areas of Improvement for Your Private Practice

Don’t overlook these 3 areas of improvement that will benefit your private practice.

If you’re concerned about the long-term survival odds of your private practice, you’re not alone. Most private practitioners wrestle with the day-to-day logistics of making their businesses turn a profit while remaining sustainable for the long term.

Below are three key areas in which small improvements can have a lasting impact for your private practice.

Improve efficiency. Every private practice has weak areas that leak money, time, or resources. The best way to identify these areas is to survey your staff. What systems are working, and which ones need to be improved? What small but frequent frustration in the referral or scheduling process costs your staff hours of time each week? Find ways to automate anything that your staff is still doing manually—they will thank you, and you’ll see a difference in productivity almost immediately.

Train your team to communicate. When your staff can effectively and politely communicate with each other and with patients, your private practice will thrive. On the other hand, if anything is lacking in your customer service approach or your team’s ability to work together well, your private practice will continue struggling. Give staff multiple ways to communicate issues with you, including both in-person and anonymous feedback.

Modernize your marketing strategy. Are you still relying on direct mail or the local phone book to get new referrals? Or did you put up a website years ago that’s been gathering dust ever since? Are you laying out big bucks for a billboard ad without giving much thought to whether it’s attracting the patients you want? No private practice will survive for long without targeted marketing that uses the right technology for the right audience.

I wish you the best along your journeys!

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