How to give your practice a jump start…

The Just Do It 10 Step Private Practice “Jump Start” 

Every practice has less productive periods. If you are following our advice, you know where you are at and what’s next to implement in private practice each week.  

Sometimes though, the regular things with some added help can really give your practice a BIG boost.

Consider the following “Jump Start” all of which you CAN you can implement today.

1.     Mail Thank You cards and gifts to all referrers, professional and patients.
2.     Phone patients that are acute, or just had treatment for the first day.
3.     Name badge all staff.
4.     Decorate the office for the season.
5.     Post your weekly newsletter. (You should be emailing your enite practice weekly anyways!) Put copies at the front desk too.
6.     Call and schedule your local club, Spa or fitness center for a workshop.
7.     Rearrange the reception room. Dress it upscale a bit!
8.     Place a “Profit Center” and it’s marketing materials in your reception area.
9.     Be the picture of health in your patients mind. And dress like you ARE the best in town!
10. Say thank you, to your staff and patients at every opportunity!

 The Cost? Just a little time.

The rewards?


 If you really want to move the energy up a notch, (for short money), throw a party in your office by next Friday, just because you care about your practice, and it shows.

Want to really grow your practice into a powerful business?

Consider working more closely with our practice development and specialty practice programs!

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