High Performance Tools and Toys


High Performance Tools and Toys


Some time ago, I wrote “Core Strength and Balance”, after the first ski trip of the year. I also told you about my new high-performance tools and toys (my new skis).  These are the most powerful skis I’ve ever owned. I’ve probably skied stronger and faster than any time in my last 60+ years. So much so, I scared myself to the point of nausea.


Well, tons of stuff has happened in the last 6 weeks, jut an incredibly busy stretch. Practice is off to its best January in several, thanks to the marketing tweaks and performance tuning we did in the last quarter.


Despite my heavy schedule, I always block out me time. This week it was Fri 5PM to Sunday 6PM.  I have written extensively on the power of creative energy and where it comes from, (and its not the office-day). I have also preached the value of blocked scheduling, and how powerful a concept that one is.


So, when one of my attorney friends called Friday night and asked me to spend the day Saturday at the boat show, I didn’t even bat an eyelash.  We really had a great time. Literally, we spent hours at one exhibit with factory personnel from Grady-White.  I was like a kid in the candy store. I have owned and operated Grady-Whites for years.  They really are the Rolls Royce of 20-30’ boats. It was so awesome to talk with engineers and designers, as I so admire their commitments to continual improvement and ultra high performance.


We also spent lots of time reviewing the latest marine navigation equipment and software, and talking with the factory reps. Garmin, Furono, Navtec, you name it.


The advances of the last five years are nothing short of phenomenal. Touch Screen technology, TFT displays with higher resolution graphics, polarized lens compatible coatings on the screens, smart routing that works like your car navigation. Really cool stuff.


Boy, Sunday was one great day.


So what’s the point?  And why the name-dropping?  Believe me, its not to impress. 


The fact is that there comes a point in time and life to move beyond just basic skills and tools, and yes even possessions. When you really start to crank things up, the best tools really shine, and  allow you to push your limits further than you ever imagined.


 Practice is no different. Once you have mastered all the basic skills, applied  the principal of Constant And Never ending Improvement, (CANI)  you find yourself ready and capable of producing so much more. By using only the highest performance tools, skills, and staff, your output is so much greater and your level of satisfaction  rises substantially as well. This is so true, regardless of how long you have been in practice, the type of practice you have, and the systems and people you employ.


Many years ago, while writing, “Creating your Perfect Practice”, I spoke extensively about the concept of blue printing. Blue printing involves taking an engine, typically from a racecar or other fine machine, and rebuilding to very precise tolerances, just as the engineers intended. Essentially, you start with exactly the same size engine, but end up with one that produces so much more horsepower, torque, fuel economy, performance, as well as a phenomenal sense of satisfaction when you really put it through the paces.


 Again, practice is no different.  Blue printing like we do with clients really can produce enormous gains. Absolutely everything The Perfect Practice Web team has written and designed allows you to accomplish so much more, with much greater efficiency, high performance, satisfaction, producing infinite rewards in exactly the same amount time if not less than you may ever had thought possible.


In this day and age, higher performance tools are so necessary to accomplishing more in less time. Besides, as your skills improve, just like my toys, you will enjoy these so much more.


This is also the secret to having a life outside of practice, being able to pursue your other interests and aspirations, or being stressed out, burned out, and financially dissatisfied.


 In the reality is, when you use the appropriate high performance tools and toys, input effort correspondingly decreases. So not only do you accomplish more, but also you save time, have more fun; less hassles with repairs and maintenance, and produce better results, you actually end up expanding less energy.


 So, with virtually all your office systems, see what is outdated. See what needs to be replaced, and then, only invest in the highest performing tools and systems available today.

And you too can learn these exact systems to incredible success by learning The 12 Secrets of Private Practice Mastery


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