Areas of Improvement for Private Practice
Has Your Medical Practice Changed?

When we ask fellow doctors if their medical practice changed, they generally just laugh at me? In fact, sometimes we get looks like we’re asking a really dumb question. Well, maybe we are. That’s kind of the point of it. We ask this question straight out to try and get a reaction from whomever we’re talking with.

Simply put, if a doctor’s practice hasn’t changed in the last few years, they must not be open.

There’s just too much going on. Doctors go to medical school to help people. Some have deeper reasons like to cure, research and change the face of medicine. Whatever the core reason, nearly all, if not every single doctor breathing, also went to medical school for the money. Sorry, if you think that’s too blunt, but you know we’re honest.

We’re not saying the money is the reason. But, would you work yourself to the ground with little gratitude at times, if you weren’t making a decent living? Next thought, are you making enough?

Unless you’ve been mentored by someone from the business end of the spectrum, you aren’t making near what you’re worth. If you’re like 90% or more of private medical practices, you are spending so much of your time in the EHR and busy work, you don’t have time to do what’s needed to improve. More than likely, you don’t have time to figure out what to do, much less do it.

Coping with Medical Practice Change

We understand completely. We once were where you are. When our medical practices changed, we were working so many hours, we barely had time to enjoy life. Also, when we did have any time, we were too tired to enjoy it. We kept thinking there had to be something better, another way to do things, but we just didn’t know what.

Then, after some mentoring time, soul searching, and a punch of reality, we woke up. We knew we were the only ones who could change things and make them better for our practices. We then set out to do just that and the rest is history.

If you are interested in turning your life and practice around despite how your medical practice changed, then we are here to help you. Seven figures is not a dream. It’s a reality. So is your boat time, your family time, vacations, etc. Don’t let anything stop you. You deserve this.

Get in touch with us today to get started. We are waiting to hear from you. You can give us a call today at 781-659-7989. If you’d like to read a little more, our CEO, Patti shares a bit more about the perfect practice plan here. Or you can click here to go ahead and get started on your path to the perfect practice and life.

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