Great Leadership Demands Far More Than Vision

We’ve discussed in the past about the impact of the lack of top down directions and management. The steps to great leadership require consistent attention to these areas of practice.

Indeed, there is a major problem highlighted here that is rampant in all businesses, and private practice is no exception. In fact, the smaller the practice the more important these issues are.

And that is great leadership demands far more than vision.

Purpose alone will not suffice.

Some key components of effective execution include purpose and vision but also the ability and willingness to issue very clear instructions, having subordinates both capable and willing to do the tasks at hand, as well as using benchmarks along the way as clear measurements of either progress or failure.

It is plainly obvious that so much of what is happening in the government and business worlds right now does not meet these very simple criteria. Do not let this be you!  

Healthcare excellence, and your patients especially, have every right to expect nothing but the best from you.

In reality it does not take much more than some very basic tools. It requires a well-rested doctor, focused and capable staff, policies and procedures to follow, periodic inspections and improvement.

The failure of execution occurs when systems are not in place to make sure this all happens swiftly and seamlessly.

Unfortunately, this is where massive disappointment can occur.

And it’s not a technology issue either. In many cases, advanced technology becomes time consuming and can make the simple daily tasks much more difficult.

Focus on these key points to help build your practice in 2017.

I wish you the best along your journeys!

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