Will You Be Expanding Your Practice in 2017? (Part 1 of 2)

Will you be expanding your practice in 2017?

Fuel prices. Surcharges. Layoffs. Obamacare. Real Estate mortgage cruel jokes. Stupid property declines of the last few years. And now for those needing health care services, its health insurance benefits that are often laughable. $50 co-pays. Deductibles in the thousands of dollars. But, this is the stuff swirling with angst in your patients’ heads, and in some areas of the US and abroad, in differing socioeconomic strata way more than others.

For most practices this is Future Shock!

So, when the patient before you today has little or no insurance benefits, or a third party system gets yanked from your area, are you just continuing to try to sell just an office visit? Or are you thinking big in terms of expanding your practice?

Like I teach my upper level clients, are you and your entire team offering absolutely everything that an office visit and great patient care can create in your patient’s life? Do you have all the tools and systems to really create the practice of the future? Will you be expanding your practice in 2017?

The answer should be obvious.

Do you continue to be only about their “coverage”, or are you really and honestly only about their health? If you are only about their health, does every one of your staff know this, and reinforce it on every visit? Or, do you play games like free services, forgiving co-pays and deductibles, dual fees? I certainly hope not, on ALL the preceding issues.

Instead of games, do you have systems fully in place to deal with all these issues in your patient’s mind?  And what about your team? Without having your doctor’s income, it can be tougher around their homes too these days. If you haven’t fine-tuned each of these areas of your practice, now is the time to make this happen. Expanding your practice in 2017 is possible, you just need to address these issues head on.

You may ask, what is the solution to these issues? We’ll cover some of those in our next post…

I wish you the best along your journeys!

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