For Your Private Medical Practice, What Is Exceptional Patient Care?

Every Private Medical Practice Needs to Focus On Exceptional Patient Care. Here’s What That Really Means for Your Business.

“Exceptional patient care” is a buzzword these days in the world of private medical practice.

We all think we know what that phrase means. But do we, really?

It’s not enough to move vaguely in the direction of providing exceptional care just by consistently trying hard to do good work. The thing is, there is more to patient care than just your own direct interaction with the patient.

Here is a key success concept in private medical practice: Exceptional patient care is a multidimensional task that requires substantive effort in all areas of your business.

So yes, the cornerstone of exceptional care is providing high-quality and high-touch services one-on-one with your patients during direct interactions.

But consider these other source of patient care and carefully monitor whether they, too, are truly exceptional:

• Every interaction with your staff, on the phone or in person.
• The actions of any third party representing you, such as a billing or collections agency.
• Your marketing message, which will only be effective in creating new referrals when those prospective patients feel comfortable in approaching you.
• Every single patient interaction of any kind.

That last point may seem preposterous. How can every single kind of interaction hold equal weight when it comes to patient loyalty and referrals?

But it’s absolutely true. From the first time they hear about you, to the patient’s initial visit, to how you’ve treated the friends/family they referred… all of these pieces come together to form exceptional care.

In short, exceptional patient care may begin in the exam room, but it doesn’t end there.

The bottom line is that it doesn’t matter what YOU think “exceptional patient care” means. What matters is whether every one of your patients feels exceptionally well treated.

I wish you the best along your journeys!

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