Empowering Language and Choices

I often focus on gratitude for good mentors: their powerful lessons, teaching me persistence, even when things get really “stormy”, and empowering me to achieve my goals.

This is the “stuff” that helps bring private practice owners a great lifestyle!

And I really get to thinking about the future of private practices stuck in the models of the past.

No wonder so many struggle while doing some of mankind’s most important work: caring for others
most intimate needs.

Empowering Language and Choices

One of the most overlooked causes of lack of progress in practice, and I respectfully submit life, is what I call the “language of limitation“.

Often, it’s self-talk, cemented in our minds by repeatedly speaking the words.

Too often I hear patients, and even clients say, “I could never…” “That’s so expensive, I can’t…” “You worked out TODAY? Buts it’s so lousy out…” “You charge how much for an exam…?” “Patients write checks for $X-amount? No way…”

See what I mean?

But it has been my experience that when you can clearly communicate the value of your practice and the services that you offer, your patients will be more than willing to pay you for those services. They appreciate what you can do for them, and understand how valuable your services are to their overall health and well-being.

So, as we enter this new week, make sure your language and your choices are empowering you to make better decisions, especially about the style of practice that will give you a fantastic lifestyle too!

I wish you the best along your journeys!

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Have a great day!


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