Empower Your Staff

How would you describe your relationship with your staff? And your communication level? Do you keep them well informed? Encourage their growth and training development? As far as your patients may be concerned, your staff can be just as much the face of your practice as you are. They see them each time they come in, engage with them, and build a rapport, just as they do with you. This is why it’s so important to empower your staff so you can make the most of these relationships.

How to Empower Your Staff

To really capitalize on this too frequently missed opportunity, start by making sure all your staff are vested with the authority to reach out to potential new patients. You can empower them with effective, modern literature, personalized phone calls, references from your satisfied patients, and web sites you have created.

And be sure to thank them and reward them for their efforts!

By now, you should see where I’m going here.

If it’s been a very long time since you have looked at your practice this way, quite simply, you are leaving hundreds if not thousands of dollars every week for your competitors.

And right now, I guarantee if you are not engaged in this intense and regular inspection and training, you are fully feeling the economic effects of it.

One critical factor, which seems to elude far too many doctors today is that the speed with which changes in society occur is accompanied by new ways in which people expect to be treated, and their concerns handled. Only the best customer service departments in any business get this. And so should you! Empower your staff and you will see the amazing results for your business.

I wish you the best along your journeys!

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