Practitioners as Effective Executives

Private practice is more challenging than ever before. Taking care of patients places very significant demands on us, not only physically but emotionally. There are really important steps you can take to become more productive, happier and healthier! And that is to ultimately become a really successful implementer.

Those who are very unsuccessful at implementation fail to get things done, and really live up to their potential. In fact it’s been said many times that the hallmark of any successful executive is the ability to get things done.

There are some things you can do to help become a better implementer. The first thing is to review your production goals for the day each morning. The second thing is to almost simultaneously get yourself focused for the day.

It’s still a good reminder for me when I see patients in my office. I’ve also found through the years as I’ve trained associate practitioners that this is a very pertinent reminder for them as well.

If you have patients coming in for report of findings or case presentation visits, it’s very important that you’ve done the preparation before they get to the office.

I’ve written about this previously in many other contexts. It’s very important that you as the owner-practitioner and CEO have made sure that the diagnosis is done, the examination is either fully transcribed or in transcription, treatment plans have been written, and the diagnosis has been forwarded to the business office.

Simply by operating off a written checklist that contains these daily tasks, you’ll find yourself becoming much more effective.

Not only does the staff need very explicit instructions, but often we need very explicit instructions too.

Days in practice have a way of getting away from us. It’s very important to understand that an enormous portion of implementation is making sure that you have accountability along with staff.

For instance, it’s so important to make it clear to the staff, regardless of how busy you are, that part of your practice philosophy is to get patients seen when they need to be seen.

If you’re not continually guiding your staff, you’ll find yourself disappointed, and not nearly as effective an executive as you could be.

You always want to be sure that your office continues to run in a fully compliant manner. And make sure that you are improving your organizational and management skills on a daily basis!

And when it’s time to check out, it’s time to check out. On the way home, get yourself ready to be with your family, pets, and hobbies or extracurricular activities. This is so important.

I wish you the best along your journeys!

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