Do You Have What It Takes?

Commander defined: Master, Skipper, and Commanding Officer. Captain…

Just like those who ventured offshore before us, much of what lies ahead, will take place in uncharted waters. And unless you are very careful, you may very well be stranded.

Practice WILL become more challenging.

Please join me now, as I envision the future of the fine art of private practice.

A reality where Solid principles are timeless. Too often, they are ignored.

Commanders of change, are always good doctor’s first. They know that the single most important thing to them is that patient directly in front of them, at the moment. They are not afraid to tell patients exactly what they need, no more, no less. They utilize all their therapeutic and diagnostics skills, not only for the expansion of their practice, but the betterment of humanity.

Commanders of change will preserve access to private health care.

The principles of medicine, chiropractic & physical therapy will never die. Indeed, the visions of our forefathers will become clearer than ever before. Those who survive will prosper for decades.

Commanders of change understand fully that the need for their services is greater than at any time in recent history. They also understand, that by providing these services they’re able to construct a fantastic life for themselves, their staff, their families, and their communities.

Commanders of change stand strong. United. They know in their hearts that unless you stand for something, You will fall for anything.

Commanders of change, teach their communities principles of healthy lifestyles. They practice on their own terms. And by their very nature they move society ever closer to a consumer driven health care system.

Commanders of change will guide the way for their patients and their profession. They will always do what’s necessary, to Lead by example.

Do You have it takes to be a Commander of Change?

Doctor, only you can answer these questions for yourself.

But I tell you, that the members of the healthcare professions that I have had the honor of working with closely over the past year have discovered the hidden wealth in their practices.

They understand fully, the value of communicating options, and by doing so; the vast majority of patients will select the best option, not only for relief of symptoms, but the overall improvement of their health and well-being.

Significant numbers of of doctors, also dramatically increased referrals from other professionals, most especially MDs. The reason for this is self-evident. They know that by being very best they can be, word spreads like wildfire, and that like all doctors, MDs want what’s best for their patients, and indeed themselves and their own families too.

These doctors are not afraid to tell patients exactly what they need, and exactly what the cost it is. This is all done, regardless of any type of insurance, or third party benefits.

The net result is, they have more patients that say YES! I want this type of Healthcare and I want my family and friends to have this too.

As a result, they have helped to free themselves from the bondage of garbage insurers, while maintaining professional dignity, prosperity, and standing in their community.

These doctors also have regularly walked by their front desk, while patients are writing checks, and having their cards swiped for hundreds if not thousands of dollars.

These very same doctors, have also discovered that the costs of obtaining this type of practice is actually a fraction of the time, travel hassles and financial investments, they ever thought possible. They’re able to access their consultant anytime. A literal librarian of modern wealth of ideas and concepts is at their fingertips, 24/7. Instantaneous access to new materials. All for a fraction of the cost in time money and energy they ever thought possible.

As a result, they have put many thousands of dollars back into their own pockets.

The reality is, our top producing doctors are learning to master of all these skills. They are good students, excellent doctors, tirelessly devoted to the principles of Chiropractic and natural healing. And they are continuously redefining themselves, their private lives, and their practices, all on their own terms.

Sound too good to be true? Do YOU have what it takes to be a Commander of Change?

Find out if you are qualified to join this extraordinary group.

We are accepting limited applications to this program only from those most serious about their vision of themselves and their profession.

Quite simply, not everyone qualifies.

You may request an application & interview by phone at 781-659-7989 or at:

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