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How to Distinguish Your Physical Therapy Business: Stand Out from the Competition

In building your physical therapy business, the number one tool is distinguishing yourself from competitors. These tips can help.

One of the core aspects of marketing for a physical therapy business is to stand out from the competition. That’s easy to say, but how do you actually do it?

Here are 4 key approaches to distinguishing your physical therapy business from your competitors so that you’ll attract new patients and gain referrals.

1. Market to your ideal customer, not to “everybody.”

Spend some time identifying the kind of patient you really want to attract to your physical therapy practice. Think about demographics—things like that person’s age, income level, and education. Now think about psychographics, particularly that person’s buying behaviors. For example, do they always treat themselves to luxury items because “I deserve it,” or do they pinch pennies and prioritize just a few big-ticket purchases after careful thought?

Make sure that what you’re offering is specifically aimed at a narrow target market. The physical therapy business down the street is most likely spreading their marketing budget thin by trying to appeal to “everybody,” so you can stand out by only trying to attract a very specific group of people.

2. Offer service packages with distinctive, compelling names.

Packages make it easier for patients to decide how to purchase your services. Too much choice can be overwhelming, so make it easy by bundling services together. Then give each of those packages a name that conveys their benefits. In essence, you’re coming up with branding for each package.

3. Look for what your competitors don’t offer, and do that.

Do a little research. You should not only know WHO your competitors are, but also HOW they operate. Notice if there are any holes in what they offer. Now find a way to provide a service that addresses the gaps. This could be something specific to your physical therapy practice as a clinician, or it could be as simple as offering a payment plan when your competitor insists on pay up front every time.

4. Follow up.

This is such a simple concept, but it’s so important for the long-term sustainability of your physical therapy business. Strive to be a presence in your patients’ lives. For example, make a personal follow-up call the week after an initial appointment to see how your new patient is doing, and get feedback on their visit. Send patients a token birthday gift, something small but surprising. (Don’t just send a birthday postcard, since everyone from their dentist to their auto mechanic is already doing that.) Be memorable in every transaction.

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