Direct Response Marketing for Private Practitioners

There are basically two kinds of marketing that most businesses including private practice engage in.

One of course is brand building.

Now all of us engage in brand building to one extent or another. For example you have a sign, an office building, and business cards. These often have your name in a certain style with an associative logo and color.

But if you are a major corporation you also use television and billboards, spending an enormous amount of money on advertising.

This is not the reality of most private practitioners. True there are pieces of these that we all use. But the reality for those of us in private practice, this is extraordinarily difficult and an expensive way to build a practice that can take many years.

The opposite of brand building is direct response marketing.

In direct response we are basically asking the patient to do something immediately. For example on your website one offer may state “call us now!” An email may also have a downloadable offer.

Another example is a postcard or marketing letter or mailing with an offer and preferably a deadline.

The beauty of direct response is that it usually is relatively inexpensive and results are measurable.

So if you mail 500 letters and five people respond one time and the following month you send 500 letters and 50 respond you know that the second time around you got it right.

And therein lies the secret of successful direct response marketing. This is something that savvy private practitioners learn about, study and understand: that in this game called private practice there are oftentimes a lot of singles and doubles with just a few home-runs.

But just like all great baseball players, you too can improve your batting average. By using the most appropriate tools and systems you can spend less money and have really good results especially when compared to big budget brand building.

And this is essential for today’s private practitioner!

I wish you the best along your journeys!

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