Developing Your Mastermind Group

Recently we talked about the Power of the Mastermind, and how this practice can be an invaluable tool for your practice. We suggested you join some form of mastermind group. The best types being ones that will challenge you of course.

The other thing about masterminding is your own commitment level.

When you volunteer to participate in one of these groups, make sure you keep your word, show up on time, and do not disrupt other members of the group with your own personal agenda.

If you participate in mastermind groups on a regular basis, they can have a very powerful influence on your practice and personal growth and development.

Be cautious but fully engaged with other members with your own contributions and shares. Likewise, please compliment and politely correct other members of the group when appropriate. Engaging in this type of behavior will benefit everybody involved.

And there should always be an assigned moderator. You can take turns moderating. In fact, for most small groups, this is a good idea. Just make sure you have an expertise level at or above the topic you’ll be moderating. In essence, make sure that you put yourself in a position to moderate the type of discussion about which you have a wealth of knowledge.

If you are asked to moderate a group in which you don’t have expertise, take a pass—not necessarily on that group, but on that topic.

Just like planning conventional networking, your most productive time between formal meetings spent will be with local business alliances, as long as they are reciprocal and meet all the criteria we set forward.

Honestly, professionals I consult with tell me the biggest advantage of becoming a member is every time you participate in seminar conferences, even the live teleconferences, you are masterminding at the same time.

The success of the group is really up to you.

Such are the realities of modern private practice. It’s full-contact entrepreneurialism.

As I often say to clients, ignore these tips at your own peril. They cost only your time and discipline.

I wish you the best along your journeys!

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