Final Steps to Decision Making

I can‘t stress this enough: you must have dedicated time out of your practice to do executive planning and decision making. Non-cancelable, uninterrupted, no distractions. Phone off. No limits. You might need 15 minutes, you might need a month…

And a blank pad of paper. If its been a while since you’ve done this, maybe several.

And then it happens. Don’t try to force it. You’ll just know exactly what to do next.

The Final Steps

Capture and record your thoughts. This is so important! Keep that pad and pen handy! The more you can organize and focus your thoughts, the better the results will be.

Put it on yourself, but be gentle! Acknowledge what you’ll do better with your current vantage point. We all make mistakes. Do not beat yourself up.

Ask for guidance. Bounce ideas off people that dream big, and will not bring you down. Last week we spoke about the power of mastermind groups. This is an invaluable tool! If you missed those discussions, go back and review them. Then consider joining or forming a group. Personally, I select people who are smarter, more focused and wealthier, not just in finances, but all aspects of life. The information I learn is invaluable. Actually, it’s been worth millions!

And don’t forget to communicate! In order for your team to be efficient, friendly and understanding, they need direction and input from you. An efficient team goes out of their way to make the office a place people love to come to, and want to tell everyone they know about you.

But the biggest thing is to continually move forward. With each new day you are privileged to live.

And it’s easy.

But only if you have that design.

In our next post, we’ll discuss the importance of targeted marketing for the growth of your practice. Until then, I wish you the best along your journeys!

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