Do You Harness Creative Energy, or Struggle?

All the Great masters throughout the history of time have written about or alluded to tapping into a Higher Power, God, Infinite Wisdom, Universal Mind, or Collective Consciousness: a creative energy!

This might be a source of focus, clarity, and peace far greater than most of us ever seem to touch, much less attain, on a regular basis. Some invisible, intangible, infinite source of wisdom far greater than that most of us ever connect with in most of our daily experiences.

And as healers, do we even acknowledge among ourselves the “Innate Intelligence” any more?

Do we practice in our offices this mindfulness and respect for something far greater than ourselves? And do we teach our patients about harnessing their own “Center”?  Or is this no longer politically correct for us.

In my work with doctors, I call harnessing this power, tapping “Creative Energy”.

Creative Energy is the knowledge base any of us can tap into that will help us solve even the most pressing problems. The problem, though, is too many never drop anchor long enough in a “Safe Harbor” to even remotely accomplish a sense of peace and well being.

Creative Energy IS the source of Ideas, Personal and Professional Growth, and Taking the Next Steps that so many fail to use.

Quite frankly, failing to harness this Creative Energy is why too many practitioners end up with financial or health issues, or worse.

In today’s practice landscape they end up putting out fires, spinning their wheels, and this seems to consume every waking moment! And this is why too many are left frustrated, burned out, or worse.

Just why is this? I firmly believe it is because too many of us fail to have as regular, SCHEDULED parts of our lives that allows us the space, time, and recreation that allows us to tap Creative Energy!

Now, tapping into this is not something that can be forced. Quite the contrary. You can’t just sit on the floor, face the sunrise and demand answers. It only arrives if you are prepared. Well rested.

And have made the space in your head. And your life.

For me, Creative Energy arrives after or during skiing, fishing, boating, running, reading, and motorcycling. Virtually ever day, in season of course, I engage in one or more of these passionately!

Every DAY, we must have a place to retreat to morning and night. Usually this space (your home) is surrounded by things of meaning, with pets and family in close proximity.

Vacations, hobbies you engage in, and things to regularly retreat to when you’re not working.

To do this, you must learn to see as many or more patients in less time.

And in today’s world, have a Specialty Market Domination Strategy in your area.

Get paid what you’re worth. Save and invest in a low stress, safe fashion.

And this is what “Practice by Design”(TM) is all about.

I wish you the best along your journeys!

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Have a great day!


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