Core Module Secret 4

Core Module Secret 4

A Simple, 4 Step Marketing Plan to Create and Grow Your Perfect Practice

1. Your Patients do want YOU! Because, with great systems you are exceeding their expectations.

But, you must automate all these office functions, and marketing is no exception. 



2. Each and every day, you must effectively communicate (both on and off line) to patients, community and other health care professionals your unique treatment options for crisis care, recovery and long term health.

The best tool to accomplish this on-line hands
down is Automated Social Networking

Get it HERE

3. Below, as a 5 page .pdf, we give you an entire marketing department calender and game plan. PRINT, POST, and CUSTOMIZE to fit your needs. Along with all kinds of .pdf’s, and .doc’s with themes for each month.

If you want a complete set of done-for-you-ads, then order

“The Ultimate Ads Kit by Dr Mike Beck”


4. Activate Instant Patient Newsletter.

This is by fat the easiest, least expensive way to automate your
“Stay-in Touch” marketing to your patients and referral professionals. With twice monthly professionally written email newsletters you can also deliver these by fax and print to patients and referral professionals.

Get it HERE


Core Module Secret 4.mp3


Core Module Secret 4 Attracting and Helping the Perfect Practive Executive Summary.pdf

Core Module Secret 4 Attracting and Helping the Perfect Practice Transcript.pdf

Core Module Secret 4 Attracting and Helping the Perfect practice Notes.pdf

Anniversary Ad.pdf

C.O.W Promo Usually April.pdf

Doctors Have a Heart February Promo.pdf

Herniated Disk No Spinal Decompression Newspaper Ad.pdf

July Summer Splash Options.pdf

Marketing Calender Sample Annual.pdf

Octoberfit Sample.pdf

Octoberfit Promo.pdf

Sample Gift Certificate.pdf

Summer Splash Promo.pdf

Support Our Troops Summer Promo.pdf


Core Module Secret 4.ppt


1st Patient Recall Letter.doc

2nd Patient Recall Letter.doc

April C.O.W 2009 Supplement.doc

April Newsletter-use C.O.W Supplement.doc

Augest is Annual Scoliosis Office Form.doc

Augest Scoliosis News.doc

Community Outreach Program.doc

Family Day.doc

February Newsletter Doctors With a Heart.doc

Health Risks Analysis .doc

January Patient Newsletter.doc

July Summer Splash Flyer 1.doc

July Summer Splash Flyer 2.doc

June OEXmas Patient Newsletter.doc

March Spring Fit Program.doc

May Anniversary Newsletter.doc

Newsletter Template 2 pages.doc

Newsletter Template Sample.doc

November Newsletter.doc

October Vote for Chiropractic.doc

Patient Appreciation Event.doc

Radio TV Marketing.doc

Recall Follow Up Telephone Script.doc

September Fall Fitness Recall HSC promotion.doc

South Shore Chiropractic Care October Newsletter.doc

Tell Us How Were Doing.doc

Web Marketing Basics.doc

Recall Script.doc

December (Non DTR) Newsletter.doc

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