Become a Commander of Change!

We recently discussed how the fear of change can hold your private practice back, and cause you to fail to reach your full potential as a successful private practitioner. But it’s not too late to become a commander of change!

In healthcare practices, the systems that we used to employ to organize and run our practices are no longer adequate. First of all, the volume of information is too much to be handled by antiquated systems. Secondly, sorting applicable ideas and data into readily usable bits (and now bytes) is critical in today’s world.

Despite this fact, much of practice growth, development and management information as well as their delivery systems remain unchanged. Traditional consulting programs are also extraordinarily time intensive, and expensive to acquire, both of which are now totally unnecessary.

Become a Commander of Change!

The good news is, there are now specific tools and systems that make implementing and adapting to change much easier, far less costly, and much more time effective. And it’s upon this premise that a perfect, highly profitable practice can now be built, maintained and then expanded with far less cost and time investment than ever before.

Ultimately of course, it’s up to each of us to decide what’s best for us, and congruent with our major objectives. But more and more are taking a hard look at our way. Why?

I can tell you that just as Alvin Toffler noted almost 40 years ago, it’s my observation that those doctors who do the best in today’s world are “richer, better educated, and are more mobile”. Indeed they actually “live faster” than most of the population with regard to processing and then applying change to their personal and professional lives.

They are unfazed by the sheer volume of things that need to be done, and continually upgrade their systems for doing so. They rarely complain, and get an extraordinarily amount of things done. They run highly profitable practices, save more money, and have far more freedom. They practice on their own terms.

And they know this is precisely what we teach, with all the modern materials, tools, live teleconferencing, and support and delivery systems that are unlike anything else out there. All at a fraction of what other consultants cost.

These doctors are indeed the Commanders of Change™ in their communities. The bottom line is these doctors know that these are learned skills. Systems that are teachable, procedures that are simple to use, and powerfully effective, once you know how.

Failure to thrive is correctable, no matter where you practice, or how long you have been at it. You can become a Commander of Change! Learning to make better choices and decisions goes a long way. Of course, some find it easier than others. But to really live the life you have imagined as a student, and now a doctor, you must decide to finally acquire the information that can help you learn, prosper, and grow.

As Jim Rohn once said, “Discipline weighs ounces, regret weighs tons”.

I wish you the best along your journeys!

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