Christmas Time: Private Practice Growth, Part 2

During the holidays there is considerably more consumption, even if that hasn’t been the overall trend in your private practice.

Last time, we talked about some marketing ideas for your private practice during the holiday season. Here are some more:


Make sure the deals that you offer are noticeable and enough people know about them. A commercial campaign that will reward any participant that buys something, or invites a friend to do so—and a lot of marketing related to the idea of giving.

Rewards and gifts
If it is within the realm of possibility, it is a great idea to come up with a game or an activity, either on a specific date or through the course of a couple of days, when it is either easy enough to win some reward, or you are willing to make gifts on the event to the people that have completed a certain small task. This will bring in people that are willing to shop again, especially if they like the product. Furthermore, because of the gifts, they are more likely to want to return the thoughtfulness.

Growth can be driven through any social games and clever experiments that your marketing can come up with— people really enjoy ingenuity.

Christmas Spirit

You cannot expect people to be willing to buy gifts for others if your venue does not scream that it is Christmas. The decorations—on and offline— are very important, and the earlier you put them on, the better. Lights are also a great idea if the product that you sell allows a more cheerful environment, and if it will benefit from it. A good idea might also be to make your employees wear an accessory that reminds people of Christmas. Not a whole costume, but just one thing, like a hat, that serves as a reminder. Nevertheless, it’s very important that the customers are in a state where they feel that Christmas is coming.

It is perfectly normal for companies to have bigger growth during Christmas time, as there is considerably more consumption, even if that hasn’t been the overall trend during the whole year.

This is partly due to the fact that customers are more willing to consume and buy gifts this time of year, regardless of reduced prices.

Christmas time provides an opportunity for your marketing strategies to take effect, because of the cultural and the societal pressure that is put on people to consume.

Nevertheless, in most cases, in all industries that register growth during Christmas time, there is often a reduction of profit shortly after the celebrations have passed.

This is why you might want to increase your chance of profit by taking the necessary steps to growing your private practice for January NOW!

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