Chiropractic Business Building Depends on Marketing (Not Jargon)

In chiropractic business building, effective marketing requires you to speak your patient’s language—the language of pain.

You’ve been to seminars and read articles on the essential components of chiropractic business building. They all emphasize that effective marketing is the way to get new patients in the door.

But here’s something those articles and seminars may have neglected to tell you… and I can almost guarantee that you didn’t learn this key concept about chiropractic business building in school.

Effective marketing means speaking your patient’s language. Patients don’t speak chiropractic. They speak the language of PAIN.

Take a look at this quick list of chiropractic jargon—concepts that are very familiar to you as a chiropractor:

  • Diversified technique
  • Gonstead technique
  • Innate intelligence
  • Subluxation
  • Activation technique

Think of how hard you have to work to educate your existing patients on what these terms mean and why they’re important.

Prospective patients won’t take the time and effort to understand what you’re talking about. To grab and keep their attention, you’ve got to talk about the things that are important to them. Here are examples of the language that prospective patients use:

  • I have chronic pain in my [body area].
  • My activities are limited.
  • I can’t walk / exercise / use my legs the way that I need to.
  • I can’t do my job anymore.
  • I’m having trouble sleeping because of this pain.

See the difference?

When you make the switch from jargon marketing—a focus on your specialized knowledge and training—to pain marketing, prospective patients will flock to your door. Chances are, you’ll be the only chiropractic practice in your area who is speaking directly TO the patient instead of trying to simply talk AT them. With pain marketing, you’re not saying, “I’m the best.” Instead, you’re saying, “You’re in pain, and I can help.”

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