You Need Not Fear Change!

“The disturbing fact…

…is that the vast majority of people, including educated and otherwise sophisticated people, find the idea of change so threatening that they attempt to deny its existence. Even many people who understand intellectually that change is accelerating, have not internalized that knowledge, do not take this critical social fact into account in planning their own personal lives”

Alvin Toffler, in “Future Shock” 1970

Change. Even the word alone makes some, even doctors, uncomfortable. Yet others embrace and enjoy the entire creative process needed to adapt to it.

As a consultant, I have observed numerous times over my career, even right next to one another, practices, which are booming, and others where doctors are unhappy, stressed out, and struggling to pay the bills. They suffer from future shock, an emotional and physical shutdown that occurs when confronted by cumulative or overwhelming change.

After careful analysis, time after time, those doctors and their team members who continue to prosper, even in today’s world, have learned and fully developed the skills necessary to deal with change, to be “Commanders of Change”™.

Changes now occur so rapidly that even our students encounter a new world upon graduation. The sheer volume of practice information, clinical, procedural, and social changes can be dizzying. And it gets more complicated and faster every day! In fact, more change now occurs in a single week, than many of us older than fifty used to encounter in an entire year.

It’s in processing, sorting, scanning and ultimately applying pertinent information, not only in our personal but professional lives, that is perhaps the biggest life challenge we face today. In our next discussion, we’ll delve further into these systems and review strategies to help your practice thrive.

I wish you the best along your journeys!

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