Are You Overwhelmed With Challenges?

What if we are overwhelmed with challenges? What are we to do first? What do those who are ultimately hugely successful in life do when they are overwhelmed with challenges?

Simple: they ask other successful people for guidance. They never fail to share and help!

Always ask for help and guidance from those who have been there. This is exactly why I have three coaches and I belong to mastermind groups. We’ve discussed mastermind groups in recent posts. If you’ve missed those discussions, I encourage you to go back and review them.

Successful people engage in all the critical aspects of living a self-actualized life. And they will tell you just how they get it all done. This is the reason that continued immersion in success skills and philosophy; personal growth, physical fitness, and spirituality are all essential components of Practice by Design™.

Remember, as great as the kind support from spouses and families can be while you are stressed, nobody really knows what challenges you face in practice like your peers do. So, when it’s really critical information or guidance that you need, do you take advice from the most successful peer you know, or not? The answer to that should be obvious.

Next, practice total and unconditional acceptance of personal responsibility.

If you have not done this, you may need to work on this. Daily. Accepting personal responsibility is a challenge for most people. It doesn’t come naturally. So this is where reading the masters, and spiritual works such as the Bible, the Gita, or Koran, or simply going to that quiet place within your own soul, really helps.

If you apply these strategies each time you face challenges, you will see the results very quickly.

I wish you the best along your journeys!

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