Core Module PMP 6 The Over-View and Continual Refinement

MDs Very Unique Needs that must be designed in.

a.    Revisiting Managed Care Participation Regularly

b.    Referral Management

c.    Handling non-covered care up front

d.    Pharmacy Samples and continuity of care and follow-up

e.    Night Call

f.     Group Coverage

g.    Call Coverage and Hospitalists

h.    The Future of Telemedicine

i.     Doing what keeps YOU the happiest and putting your own life first

Closing Comments and how to use Your Membership Services Best.

1.    Take all the Core Module Updates

2.    Participate in the BreakThrough Session Calls

3.    Make Usage of the Vast on-line Library

4.    Caveat- we have more in common than we do different in Private Practice

5.    Solving the HealthCare Crisis through a patient-centric model.

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Core Module PMP 5 Getting Paid Like a Doctor

A.    Managed or Mangled Care.

B.    Who do you not work for?

C.    Pro Bono and financial hardships.

The BIG Issues for Today’s MD.

A.    Simple Co-Pay and Deductible collections. Over the Counter is easily worth $$$ to you.

B.    Setting the stage

D.    Billing Issues that work to your benefit

E.    Concierge Services an enormous alternative- Patient Needs Driven Models of Care or Marcus Welby MD returns.

F.    Giant Steps to Financial Freedom.

G.   John Tofilon’s Interview A Lifetime of Income a Plan Unique to Doctors and why this one just may save your life.

H.    An Over View of Asset Protection

A.    Insurance as the First Line with Todd Capizzo
B.    Asset Protection and Work Place Protection Planning with Lodmell and Lodmell.

PMP Five.pdf

PMP Five.mp3