Core Module PMP 4 Marketing the Perfect Practice

A.    Direct VS Image Based.The Basics which are often overlooked but can create a Million Dollar Solo Practice

a.    Staying in Touch with Patients.
b.    Newsletters/Enews
c.    Practice Events

d.    Relationship Building in your Community

e.    Genuine, patient-centric care as we have executed over the years.

f.    Keeping an open mind, turning former detractors (paraprofessionals) into allies and referral soldiers for your practice.

g.    Other, unique Medical Practice Issues

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Core Module PMP 3 Staffing

A common ground with JPH’s use and training/development on the use of students and young, eager trainees and paraprofessionals.

A.    Working with the schools and instructors towards an endless stream of assistants.

B.    Payroll Control

C.    Midlevels RNs, PAs etc. AC’s take and experiences.

D.    Workplace Protection JPHs experiences and advice. ACs perspective on those unique to Medicine.

E.    Paul Edwards Lawsuit Free Workplace Interview is in Secret 8.

F.     Staffing Support Solutions Manual

G.    Lessons From JPHs Time Effective Consults and Exams DVD.

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