How To Have an endless source of Great Staff

Because You Can’t be great by yourself…

This session compliments Core 3 Staffing. This will really help you master the principles of powerful team building.

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Great Staff 2008.mp3

Robert McDowell A Worthy Non-Profit OE Christmas

The founder of Operation Ensuring Christmas has a profound message for us all. This was the most attended of ANY breakthrough session ever.

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Robert McDowel.mp3

Making 2008 Your Best Ever

In this timeless session, done every December, our members discuss how they put our principles into action, and have created compelling futures. There is lots to learn, at any time of the year from these member doctors.

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Making 2008 Your Best Year.mp3

Own Your OWN Terms with Howard Stone and Alex Mezey

Breakthrough Event with Howard Stone and Alex Mezey

“On Your Own Terms- Living Your Dreams”

Howard was part of “Practice by Design” Miami 2007, and is the author of “Too Young To Retire”.

Alex is a life coach, with a unique perspective that is essential for you to hear. Join me for this very special opportunity.

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On your OWN terms.mp3

Essential Buisness Skills with Mr.Paul Andrews

Paul is one of the most knowledgeable billing experts I have ever known. He has helped us with numerous issues over the years, including multidisciplinary practices and compliance.

Study this audio intently. Its THAT important!



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Essential Bussiness Skills.mp3

Continuity Income and Well Patient Care

Continuity Income and Well Patient Care Audio

Do you advocate any form of well patient care in your practice?

If so, listen to these unique perspectives.

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Continuity Income and Well Patient Care.mp3

Jack Flynn Bonus Call

Dr. Jack Flynn Bonus Call

Jack is probably the best, most experienced practice broker ever. Our professional practices are worth way more than you may have ever imagined. Listen intently, take good notes too!

You will never look at practice the same way, ever again!

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Jack Flynn Bonus.mp3

Effective Second Visit

Learning an Effective Second Visit

Learning effective communications is the most important thing about your case presentation. Listen to this module intently…

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Effective Second Visit.mp3

Getting the Most out of your Membership

Follow along as we walk you through the different areas of the website
so that you can find everything you need.

Learn how to search for files, locate the documents
that you need with ease.

Getting the Most out of Your Membership.mp3

Getting the Most out of Your Membership.pdf