Harnessing the Power of Private Practice Email – Part 2

You can also use the power of email for:

1. Sharing Good News

When you have a patient with a particularly outstanding outcome, ask them for a testimonial and if they are willing to let you share their results with other patients.  Few things will ever build confidence in your practice faster than the timeless patient testimonial.  If you don’t want to send an email every time you have a great outcome, include them as part of a monthly newsletter to patients. These should ultimately end up on your blog and website too!

2. Special Events or Happenings

If you’re going to be speaking at a particular event or you’re being recognized by your peers for a particular achievement, let your patients know about it.  Everyone likes to know that they’ve chosen well in choosing their medical practitioner.  If something exciting is going on with your practice, include your patients on the list of “who needs to know”.

And, if your practice is growing and you’ve added staff or even an additional location, make sure your patients get an email about it.  Your new place may be more convenient for them or, better yet, more convenient for the new patients they refer to you.

Next time, we’ll give you two more final suggestions for creative ways to stay in touch with your patients.

Harnessing the Power of Private Practice Email – Part 1

In our last article, we talked about the importance of effective communication in growing your practice.

This week, we’ll talk about one of the most effective communication tools available to the chiropractic, physical therapy and medical practice…

The almighty email…

If you have a patient list (and who doesn’t?), you have at your disposal one of the most valuable marketing tools you could ever hope for.

Just by effectively using your patient list, you can reach out and interact with your patients on an ongoing basis and make sure that you remain first and foremost in their minds when they think of your specialty.

Here are a few suggestions on exactly how to harness the power of email to grow and market your practice:

1. The Welcome Email

When a new patient comes to you for chiropractic, physical therapy or other medical care, make sure that your patient information sheet collects their email. Immediately following their visit, have your staff send them an email thanking them for choosing you for their care.  This can be done as a part of entering their information into your computer system.  Make sure the email includes information about your office hours, your phone number for appointments, any particular information they need or steps they need to take in preparation for their appointment and an opt-out option of they don’t want to receive future information from your office.

2. Patient Education

Once you have your email list in place, you can use the list to educate your patients and let them know about any of the following:

•      Recalls on prescriptions they take

•      New chiropractic treatment options available to them

•      New drug approvals from the FDA

•      Results of physical therapy clinical trials or studies

•      Medical or health trends affecting your private practice

•      Diet tips or recipes for particular conditions

Next time, we’ll share more ideas on ways to use the power of email and access to your patients’  In box to pave the way to a thriving practice.

Communication is Key to Growing Your Practice – Part 3

The last piece in the communication puzzle:

How Do You Create A Strong Dialogue With Patients?

Treat creating effective patient communication as a step by step process.  This is another by-product of living and practicing by design.  Know what you want to achieve from the very beginning.  Think of the process along these lines:

First Impressions

As with any other initial meeting, you never get a second chance to make a first impression.  Start with a warm greeting and treat the patient like a personal friend.  Check your own attitude or mindset before you enter the treatment room and think about how you can best serve the patient.

Initial Consult

Your initial consultation with a patient will set the tone for the entire relationship. Really make an effort to connect with the patient and listen carefully to what they tell you about their current problems.  Ask questions in a way that encourages them to give you more information.

Designing Treatment

After you start treating the patient, communicate with them as thoroughly as possible.  Pay attention to body language and attitude.  The patient may be unhappy but not forthcoming about their complaints.  If you really pay attention, you may be able to address their concerns and salvage the treatment program.

Final Consult

At the end of the treatment program, it is vital to communicate with your patient about the success or failure of all portions of the treatment protocol.  This is an especially important time to listen to the patient.  Don’t just railroad them into agreeing with your perception of how the treatment went.  Pause and let them get a word in where they need to.

Following these communication guidelines will help you build patient trust and build your medical practice at the same time.  Your stiffest competition is doubt on the part of your patients.  Learning to effectively communicate with current and prospective patients will help you design effect marketing programs and address concerns before they become problems.

Communication is the Key to Growing Your Practice – Part 2

When we think of communication, we think of the positive side of a good “bedside manner”.  But there are some serious  consequences of failing to communicate with patients as well.

Poor Communication Can Destroy The Doctor/Patient Relationship

On the other hand, if you communicate poorly with your patients (i.e., lecture instead of listen, fail to explain the treatment program in a way that your patient can understand, don’t address patient concerns openly, etc.), the doctor/patient relationship may suffer irreparable damage.  You don’t get more than one chance to truly build trust with your patients.

Design your client communications with the end result of open dialogue and mutual trust in mind.  Approach your patients like you would any partnership, with respect, commitment and make sure you stay on the same page with the end result of treatment foremost in both your minds.

Communication is the Key to Growing Your Practice – Part 1

A great website…

Expensive patient brochures…

A direct mail campaign explaining the virtues of good chiropractic care…

These are all good options and they all serve to do the one thing that you need more than anything else to market your practice.

They communicate with both current and future patients.

Communication is vital to building patient trust and removing doubt from the minds of your patients.  If your patient information materials are too one-sided or unclear, your prospects may lose faith in your ability to treat them effectively.

But communication is about more than just educating your patients.  It’s about listening to them as well.

Here are some things to remember to enhance patient communication and further your efforts to live and practice by design:

What Exactly Is Effective Communication?

Effective communication is the cornerstone of a healthy practice and good patient outcomes.  Remember that good communication goes both ways.  While we normally think more along the lines of how we express ourselves and our ideas, good communication also involves being a good listener.  That’s especially important for doctors.  Effectively communicating with your patients determines:

  • Whether or not a patient will actually come back to you for treatment after the initial consultation
  • Your ability to properly diagnose the patient’s problem
  • Whether or not you can determine if the patient will actually follow the treatment program

Good communication skills build patient trust.  If the patient feels that you’re genuinely listening to them, they feel like you’re really working in their best interests.

Patients Are Customers, Too – Part 3

For our final installment on remembering that patients are customers, here are a few more tips to make your patients’ experience a winning one:

1.  Never talk about a patient where another patient can overhear.

As a general rule, the patients you see every day aren’t feeling well and that can make them less than pleasant.  Regardless of how the patient behaves, never express an unflattering opinion about them where other patients can hear it.

2. If what you’re about to do will be uncomfortable, warn the patient.

Your staff may perform a certain procedure 20 times a day but for your patient, it could be something totally new.  Remind them to be honest with the patient.  Letting them know ahead of time that something is going to be unpleasant, and how unpleasant it will be, will give them more of a comfort level with you and know what to expect.

3. Speak in plain terms.

Remind your staff that not everyone works for a doctor.  Don’t use medical jargon or abbreviations or other terms that the average person doesn’t understand.  Take the time to explain what’s happening and do it in terms that are clear.  Make sure the patient understands exactly what they’ve been told.

Just taking the time to treat your patients with respect and showing sensitivity and professionalism will pay benefits for your practice that are priceless.  All of these tips will go a long way toward keeping those referrals coming in from satisfied patients.

Getting To The Next Level” FREE Ebook and Audio with Rob Berkley

Recently, I had the incredible opportunity to interview my friend, coach and mentor, Rob Berkley.

Rob is also a speaker who has shared the stage with Dan Kennedy, Ali Brown, Bill Glazer, Michael Gelb and many others. He is co-author of the book “Speaking of Success” with Steven Covey.

Rob once had a client describe him as a cross between Yoda, Gandhi and Perry Mason, bringing wisdom, piercing clarity, kindness and a touch of “The Force” to his work.

Read this like you would your own MRI...It's that important!

And I’d have to echo the very same sentiment! My clients participated in the live presentation.

Afterward, I decided that the information is so powerful, so pertinent as to what can so paralyze private practice owners personal and professional growth, that I wanted to share the EBook and audio of this live event with you too!

Enjoy, and please post your feedback! John

Here it Is…

Rob Berkley John Hayes Getting to the Next Level EBook

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What Drives Your Practice? Part 2

Turning Obstacles Into Opportunities

Knowing the purpose of your practice allows you to see the larger picture and meet obstacles head on and plan for a successful resolution to problems.  Every practice, regardless of size, location or specialty, faces obstacles.

Do any of these potential problems sound familiar?

  • Funding
  • Staying ahead of competition from other physicians and specialties
  • Planned growth and expansion
  • Managing patient outcomes and measuring success of treatment

Once you’ve determined your overall purpose and goals, you become more of a “big picture thinker” – anticipating problems and planning solutions before they occur.  If you know where you’re going, you have a better idea of how to get there.

Having a clear picture of your purpose allows you to do your homework and take appropriate action when opportunities present themselves.  You don’t circle the drain, studying the problem, asking for more information and letting opportunities pass you by while you “think about it”.

More Chronic Care Caveats

More Chronic Care Caveats

Your patients have been through a lot. In fact, unless you or a loved one have been through a protracted illness, it can be difficult to imagine. This is where compassionate care can really help recovery.

They want to finally be free from pain. Not just medicate it away! If there are good treatments and physical modalities that help, explain the hows and whys, use good tools, and make sure your staff knows all about these too, so they become educated ambassadors of health!

They want their lives back! Yes! This is key to not only getting results, but also to getting to the heart of lifestyle problems such as obesity and immobility and poor fitness levels.

But they must completely understand the process, game plan, and their responsibilities in recovery.

Broad Skills Development are Keys to Success in practice

You must take control, fully assess their intentions from the outset, and involve yourself completely in their treatment.

And then watch your referrals and practice revenues growing every week.

It’s a win for everyone involved.

Regular benchmarking of your results against your goals helps put you at the head of the class.

Regular benchmarking of your results against your goals helps put you at the head of the class.

There is a real easy way to get this done. This tip alone might put another 10K in the income column this month.

The first thing to do is take your list of basic daily, weekly and monthly targets. Higher performing CEOs/CFOs do this daily. Use your white legal pad, but better yet for this one is an Excel spreadsheet (because you can graph it easily and tweak it in all sorts of ways).

My basic daily targets are body weight, miles run or cycled, hours skied, services and income, dollars saved. Yours might be totally different, as it should be. You really can do some incredible things with these numbers, but resist that temptation in the beginning.

Put your goals or targets (BOLD) on one axis, and simply enter your results on another. Save room for notes, photos, and maybe even video clips.

Next, post this somewhere you can see it all the time during the day. Admittedly in the office, maybe it’s in your portfolio, which you pull out during the day, or simply, hidden on your desktop or handheld. Just be sure to look at it at least once daily.

Here’s why this is so powerful. Because it’s a glimpse of right now.

May people who have trouble setting goals find new life with this method. It keeps you in the moment as well. For us type A’s, it can actually be a better way of dealing with “Futurizing”, which some might say is an unhealthy psychological trait.

But to make sure your not deluding yourself, if you use daily targets, they must be the correct fraction of the weekly/monthly/yearly whole.

We’ll finish this up next time, meanwhile go to Perfect Practice Web
for lots more free info.

Election Reminders For Private Practice Owners

This weekend I spent time reading the September 3rd 2009 issue of Rolling Stone magazine. The one with The Beatles breakup article on the cover. When I first glanced at it probably like most boomers, I had immediate flashbacks to 1967.

What attracted me to this issue is that a patient had deliberately placed it on my desk. No, not just for the cover story, but for Matt Tabbis’ excellent article on health care reform.

The last time I had spent time with this magazine it was a totally different format.  I must say they have them a great job with their redesign and readability.

Tabbis’ article is mandatory reading. For multiple reasons.

About halfway through the article in there is a section entitled “Provide no Leadership”.  Criticizing the president’s handling of the proposed healthcare reform bill Tabbi says Obama spoke in “generalities”.

Tabbi rightly says that at no time, “…did Obama come out and say once what he wanted Congress to do. Even in June, when congressional leaders desperate for guidance met with chief of staff …they got no signal at all about what the White House wanted”.

One of the photograph titles states, “Obama has been agonizingly noncommittal about the details of reform.”

Of course, this entire story has yet to play out to completion.

Well intentioned, but still with too many devastating consequences for America as it stands right now...

The unresolved issues remain of extreme importance to you and your patients…

Powerful Practices Makeover

Lets be honest with each other. Could your practice income use a BIG BOOST? Are things around the office lately just not as crisp as they should be? Would you be having a much better holiday weekend if so much “stuff” was not SLIPPING through the cracks? Having difficulty attracting and then retaining affluent patients because of what your office systems and environment “says” to them?

Do you need to be able to MAXIMIZE the impact that NeuropathyDR(TM) and other our other powerful programs can have in your practice by cleaning up and tightening some things RIGHT NOW?

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Well, doctors who implement this program tell us they accomplish just that!

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Through the Powerful Practices Makeover teleconference series I’ll teach you how to avoid becoming a victim of the financial crisis and take charge by building a private practice with some of the most powerful “secret weapons’ previously available only to the most successful practice owners in the world… We’ll cover strategies for new and established practitioners – Whether you’re just getting your feet wet or have been “swimming in the deep end” of private practice for years, you’ll find valuable, actionable information you can use with your practice right away.

Here’s how it will help you:

Module – 1  Clean Up Your Act!

–    We’ll start from the ground up.  What do your patients seen when they visit your office?
–    Together we’ll go through an entire tour of your physical space, and provide ideas for additions, deletions to instantly update decor, expand patient education, and more.
–    Learn how to use every square foot to reinforce your message, increase revenue, and make it fun and comfortable for your patients – and their children.

Module 2  – Massive Patient Reactivation Strategies: Think about how much revenue you could add to your practice if you were still treating all the patients you use to care for.  What if you only got 10, 15, 20% of them back… what would that do to you your bottom line?

–    An in-depth look at series of recall and reactivation strategies to flood your office with former patients.
–    Multiple on and off line strategies will be presented.

Module 3  – Overlooked internal marketing “Direct Hits” and Getting Testimonials:

If you’ve been in private practice for any period of time you’ve heard that getting testimonials from happy patients is surefire way to establish credibility and increase your patient flow.

–    Testimonials are the most powerful free marketing tool, ever. Learn to Convert current patients into raving fans who pay, stay and refer their friends.
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Module 4  – Marketing Automation:

–    Once and for all put your marketing on autopilot!  How to put systems in place that keep you in front of your community.
–    Learn how you can create a “competition-free zone” and recession proof your business.
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The Most Powerful Marketing Piece Ever (Part 2)

Now, I am giving you a whole new reason to disconnect, and kick up your heels! Regularly.

It will help you build an enormous practice! Why? Because you can use your play to market yourself while feeling more rested, creative and inspired to be your very best.

Yes, that’s right! Especially now a days while it’s so easy to create media. Flip Cams, iphones, you name it.
This recently was reinforced in my practice when I sent out a reminder card to patients. I uploaded an image of me sitting on my motorcycle with a caption “Time to ride on in?”

"Time to Ride on In?

Patients loved it, and it was one of the most effective recall pieces I have recently done. And I have lots of fun photos of my adventures and likes around the office for them to see too.

Here is a strategy any practice owner can use. Do this right, your practice grows, as does your wealth account.

Step 1-
Make sure your practice is set up around your life, NOT the other way around! What do you like to do outside of practice? Where do you want to live, travel to or experience? If it’s been a while since you’ve done this, take your time, and be honest with yourself. Be sure to write or dictate all of this.

Step 2-
Start recording snippets of your adventures in media- a smart phone (iphone) is idea because you can take decent photos, video, heck even record great conversational sound bites. Of course, its even better with a good camera and an HD cameral like the FlipHD.

Be sure to keep these devices with you all the time. Some of my best marketing pieces and images have come from weekend ski or motorcycle adventures, and of course my vacations. The more impromptu the picture or video the better.

Next, Make storage and organization of your files easy. That’s why I am very partial to the Mac products like imovie, and iphoto.

Step 3-
be sure to use this material creatively. Put photos in your office news, flyers and especially on the web. This is why Facebook and other social media can be so powerful. It helps make you a real person.

Step 4-
Get some help. Too often, there is no solid marketing strategy, steps to follow or calendar for team members to focus on.
You’ll do far better to have a staff person help you with the implementation, but you’ve got to have a strategic plan they can follow. This is one of the very first things we teach in our Platinum sessions.

Step 5-
carve out regular time to make sure you are living your dreams, and your practice is supporting it! This is crucial. It’s also
why administrative and creative time must be on YOUR checklist, every week, and if you really want to accelerate your personal growth, every day!

Living and Practicing by Design

This is living and practicing by design, not default (which gets stressful and ugly quickly).
Remember, we are here to support you with the personal coaching, systems and tools that help you create the practice (and thus life) of your dreams!

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Serving Neuropathy Patients-Chiropractors and Physical Therapists

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“send some to pittsburgh pennsylvania i am serious I am sick of this
I have small fiber neuropathy…


…Small fiber neuropathy sucks! I dealt with severe pain for 3 years….good news is that you lose feeling after so much nerve damage is done and you go numb. That’s better than pain, but I lose my balance in really hot weather because I can’t feel my feet. Mine is from Lyme Disease.

…I almost go insane with neuropathy in my hands now,my feet are also completely dead, don’t feel them at all..but would love to be free of pain in my hands but then cant do anything!!! ”

Shall I go on?

The message is loud and clear.

Neuropathy Patients Want Many More Trained Chiropractors and Physical Therapists

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Lets Stay Connected

Don’t Forget The Power of Focus…

Its 515 AM, I’m relaxing with a cup of coffee as I get ready to speak at the South Carolina Chiropractic Convention in Myrtle Beach SC in less than 3 hours.

As I started my day, as I do each morning I pulled out my goal and accomplishments list, I call it my AAA Priority list.

And I am very thankful to work with such great chiropractors, physical therapists and physicians of many disciplines
on Private Practice 2.0, for the new world we now face.

Its only July, and almost half the goals I set for myself and our companies, and my family are accomplished already or well on their way.

Is everything perfect?

Of course not.

Challenges to overcome?

Of course. Some will be enormous.

But without the power of daily focus, I wouldn’t be in this beautiful place writing to you this morning…

Thank you for help making my dreams come true!

Have a great day!

The Power of Focus and Living Your Dreams

Strategic Bluprinting Workshop (BIG Learning opportunity too…)

Start with a clean sheet of paper and list out what really makes you happy. Personally, professionally, financially.

Far too often, people spend more time planning leisure activities than they do vocational. But the most successful carefully carve out a practice that meets their needs as well as their patients.

What if you were so excited about going to the office that you applied the same level of research and step-by-step planning as you would the trip of a lifetime?

In ninety days, do you think you’d have an entirely new outlook on practice!

One place I see people really get hung up is “tolerating”.

What are you "Tolerating" that might be holding you back?

By that I mean accepting as unchangeable perpetually irritating conditions, or people. In the office, it could be a staff person that never should have been hired, or you are quite frankly too timid to demand adherence to policy. Or that insurance company that drives your staff nuts you should have cut ties with months ago.

Kind of in the background but none the less, these “tolerances” can be HUGE wastes of time and opportunity.

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Strategic Blueprinting the Modern Practice

Most of you know I’m a motor head. Have been since I was 3 years old with the toy trucks. Bought and disassembled a VW Beetle at 13 years old. In fact, one of my uncles taught me to drive his MG with a stick shift that very same year. I’ve built and raced cars, and you’ve seen me on my Bimmer. But THAT’S a whole other story.

I’ve always been fascinated with high-performance machines. And I am particularly attracted to high performing people in all walks of life. I talk to many of you every day now!

One thing I learned very early is that the BIGGEST KEY to high-performance on the track and indeed life is the process of blueprinting.

Now with machines, blueprinting is taking every possible specification of an engine the engineers originally designed and thus engine performance to the finest, highest performing levels.

And I advocate the very same thing for private practice owners. Take an existing practice, fine-tune and maximize its performance. Everything. Staffing, marketing systems, patient care, flow inside the office, etc. It costs only time and a big vision.

Well, here’s what’s different than when I first wrote about this in 2005.

In order to stay profitable, you’ve got to realize the big divide now upon us between private and public health care.

They are actually entirely different strategies.

Talk about a High-Performing, Blueprinted life! George has done it!

How you get paid, how you market. And, make no mistake about it, your personal life too.

That is an entirely new strategic practice Blueprint that has emerged.

So here’s where to begin. Start with a clean sheet of paper and list out what really make s you happy. Personally, professionally, financially…

We’ll have way more next time.

Strategic Practice Blueprinting

Shortly, you’ll be receiving a very important invitation to SuperConference 2010.

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Private Practice for all of us is changing, rapidly. What worked a year ago
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And the same goes for in office procedures, third party insurance, staffing
to name just a few.

So over the next week, I’ll be giving you some special opportunities
to get and keep you on top.

Develop Your Unique Strategic Practice Blueprint on August 21st, 2010

But the BIG IDEA is to walk away from SuperConference 2010
with a Strategic Practice Blueprint all your own.

I hope you’ll join us while you still can get seats…



I Really appreciate the opportunity to assist you in achieving your goals!